• 1984 -
    • June 22 - direct flight linking Quebec City with Paris until September 7th.
    • June 25 - Service between La Guardia and Calgary inaugurated with B767 equipment.
    • November 26 - service between Edmonton Municipal and Calgary launched.
    • In 1984, under the presidency of Nancy Walchuck, the seventh annual AGM of the Pionairs took place in the form of a three-day get-together at Anaheim, California May 10-12th with a turnout of close to 500 members.
  • 1985 - January 5 - service to Bombay and Singapore from Toronto via London.
  • 1986 - Air Canada was the first airline in the U.K. to put cargo waybills on Microfiche.

Drawn from the "Horizons" magazine issue dated September 1981. Four different emblems for Trans-Canada Air Lines from the past. 
tca emblem  tca emblem 1
tca emblem 2 tca emblem 3

From the Teamsters magazine issue dated 1983.

tmb frank nuzzoClimbing the stairs to an aircraft in Boston are, from the top: Frank Nuzzo, Susan Guarino and Betty Mandracchia, customer service agents. 

tmb Gaetan JolicoeurHere we have Gaetan Jolicoeur, a flight attendant, standing in the cockpit of an aircraft at Boston.

Photos from the Annual Report for 1986.

tmb roslyn nutleyRoslyn Nutley, Secretary, London, England.

tmb mike roncettiMike Roncetti, Customer Sales & Service Agent, Toronto.

tmb carole masulloCarole Masullo, Purser, Winnipeg.

tmb cecile lalanneCecile Lalanne, Customer Sales & Service Agent, Halifax.

tmb larry tortoLarry Torto, Cargo Customer Service Agent, New York.

 tmb susan leongSusan Leong and Bill McGhie,
Customer Sales & Service Agents, Vancouver.

tmb calgary stampede floatCalgary employees won first prize for their participation in the Stampede. The float represented by a B-767 and featured a cockpit, Executive Class seats and a gigantic 50th anniversary birthday cake. 
tmb bob fowler.From the left: Bob Fowler, Lead Commissary Agent, Peter Churchill, Food Production Supervisor and Maria Logan, Commissary Attendant, London, England

Employees 1986 

tmb employees 1986 11st row: Carole Moffette - Montreal; Al Groome - London Ont; Ahmed Tauquir - Frankfurt; Line Delisle - Montreal.
2nd row: Jane MacGregor - Montreal; Jean Rivet - Montreal; Marilyn Martin - Thunder Bay; Al Rach - Charlottetown; Bob Bateman - Saskatoon.
3rd row: Jonathan Chan - Hong Kong; Carol Kleisinger - Regina; Tim Stephens - Halifax; George Smith - Calgary; Nadja Kasperczyk - Geneva.
4th row: Patti Mason - Toronto; Raoul Harvey - Val D'Or; Owen David - London, England; Kimberley Lawton - Montreal; Beat Haldiman - Geneva.
5th row: Ron Willett - Winnipeg; Zelda Melanson - Saint John; Fernando Smith - Toronto; Ken Meek - Montreal; Ralph Dyck - Winnipeg.

tmb YYZ ramp rat emblemThe Jazz ramp rats have a 9:45 minute video posted on YouTube

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