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1973 st pierre 1370Air St. Pierre timetable issue 1973. (From David Zekria collection)

The airline was incorporated on 6 March 1964. Services commenced in June with a cooperation with Eastern Provincial Airways. air st pierre emblem

Friends of mine provide this information regarding the Paris Metro

The metro (subway) is THE way to get around Paris, very easy to use if you have a subway map. Each line is numbered and color coded. But the most important thing to know is which direction the train is going. You have to know the terminal stations of both ends of a line, that is how the signs are labeled in the station to distinguish direction. If you have to connect from one line to another there is a little balloon on the map where the different colored lines share the same stations. We have 3 day unlimited passes, the only hitch is that if you do happen to take the wrong direction train and get off to switch directions, there is a 10 minute wait before you can get thru the entry gate again.

How do we know? Well we did it, but only once (the 10 minute wait must be to discourage people who want to just “subway hop” all day? – who knows).

tmb dargal emblemFor information on Dargal Interline World-wide specials: Call Toll Free: 1-800-690-3223 

International Toll Free: (country code)-800-2832-7425
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