Left to his own devices.

tmb taxi screensAnyone who uses taxis in Asian cities may have been struck by the plethora of smartphones and other digital devices drivers often have attached to their dashboards.

@grahamsturgeon posts this snap taken in Hong Kong on twitter with the remark: "Can anyone tell me why anyone would need so many screens? "He thinks he's driving an Airbus A380„''

(Source: Flight International June 20/17)

Jetsgo was launched on June 12, 2001 and ceased operations on March 11, 2005. The airline was Canada's third-largest airline at the time, controlling up to 10% of the domestic market.

Expert analysts widely blame the airline's failure on poor management. Founder Michel Leblanc had previously founded Royal Aviation, which he later sold to Canada 3000.

Jetsgo operated a fleet of (14) McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and (11) Fokker 100 (plus six Fokker 100 in storage).

Slogan was "Jetsgo. Pay a little. Fly a lot."

(Source: Wikipedia)

tmb jetsgo aircraft 2002 sept 1372

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