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1975 aca 1373Atlantic Central Airlines Ltd founded in 1960 at Saint John, New Brunswick and ended operations in 1979. On February 2nd, 1976, their DC-49J (DC-3) C-FHPM was destroyed by a windstorm at Saint John, New Brunswick.

Here is their timetable effective February 24th, 1975. 

(from the David Zekria collection)

Indian airline offers "women flyer" service.

An Indian airline is taking a stand on chivalry by offering a special "Women Flyer" service to make solo female passengers feel more comfortable in a country where sexual harassment is rife.

Vistara airline says women using the complimentary service will always get assigned to an aisle or window seat - never a middle - and will be offered help with luggage and ground transportation. "This service is a sincere effort to ensure peace of mind for our female customers", Vistara added.

The New Delhi based carrier says between 75 and 100 passengers use the service daily and hops to extend the service to its international flights.

Street harassment, known as "Eve teasing" is common in India. The U.S. State Department has warned female passengers against travelling alone in the country.

(Source: Vancouver Sun 5/8/2017)

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