Ronald J. Groome, who had served with the Royal Flying Corps as an instructor during World War I, set up the "Aerial Service Co" in 1919 with his partner Ed Clark.

tmb aerial service coAlthough the company was a failure, Groome had registered Canada's first legally licensed commercial aircraft, G-CAAA, a Curtis JN4 biplane (pictured) and on July 31, 1920 he became the first licensed commercial pilot in Canada.

PS from Ken Pickford - Canadian registrations used the British G-prefix followed by Cxxx until 1928 when CF replaced the G and the format became CF-xxx. The CF prefix changed to just C in 1974 when they were running out of CF-xxx combinations and had to continue with G, as C-Fxxx and C-Gxxx (C-Ixxx for ultralight aircraft.)

tmb pilot cert nr 1Robert McCombie, who worked with Ronald J. Groome, became the first licensed air maintenance engineer in the country. In 1927 Groome set up his second company "Universal Air Industries" at a new airfield called "Lakeview Aerodrome". Later that same year he also helped form the "Regina Flying Club", where he was to hold the position of flying instructor until his death.

In September, 1935, Groome and student Arnold Sym were killed when the control rod on the aileron of their Avro Avian failed and the aircraft crashed just outside Regina.


CAHS Regina ChapterSide Note - The Regina Chapter of the CAHS (Canadian Aviation Historical Society) is named in honour of Roland Groome. See: www.cahs.ca/chapters/regina for Chapter Information.

Etihad Airways World Football Tournament

Etihad Airways organized the largest aviation annual tournament of the year “Etihad Airways World Football Tournament 2014 “ on 05 and 06 December 2014 at Zayed Sports City. 

The event's aim was to unite teams from all over the world in a competitive but friendly atmosphere and celebrate together the national day. This, the first annual football tournament, saw two Etihad Airways teams play alongside 24 international airline teams from 17 countries, including the US, Australia, Brazil, Austria, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Seychelles, China, Portugal, France, India, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Russia and the UAE. The is no information of the winning team.

  • Air Serbia, the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, won the 2nd annual Etihad Airways World Aviation Football Cup in 2015. The football tournament was held in Abu Dhabi between 11 and 12 December and saw the participation of 28 teams from international airlines including Emirates, Air Berlin, Kenya Airways and Virgin Australia.

  • The 3rd Etihad Airways World Aviation Football Cup from 17 – 19 November 2016 in Abu Dhabi was organised by The Etihad Airways Sports & Social Club. We have no information of the winners.

  • The 4th Etihad Airways World Aviation Football Cup from 15 – 18 November 2017 in Abu Dhabi, is being organised by The Etihad Airways Sports and Social Club.

There is no participation by any team from Canada!

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