Terry BakerTraveling to Cuba any time soon? Here are some hints from WACA (World Airlines Clubs Association)

Health Insurance
Cuba has made it obligatory for all foreign visitors to have medical insurance so please ensure you take with you proof of medical insurance.

Currency Exchange
The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) is the “tourist” currency used by visitors to Cuba and can only be purchased on arrival in the country. A passport is required when exchanging all currencies into CUC. Euros, Canadian dollars, Swiss Francs and Pounds Sterling can be exchanged on arrival at the airport, at a bank, at an hotel or resort. United States dollars can also be exchanged but there is a tax and commission applied plus a 10% penalty, so it is advisable to avoid exchanging United States dollars.

Credit Card Transactions
Credit card payments are accepted at hotels, restaurants, tourist shops, etc. but it is important to note that any payment by credit card will incur an additional 3% bank charge for the transaction. Credit cards issued in the United States by a United States bank, or any of its offices in other countries, are not be accepted.
(Source: WACA)

tmb 1992 aklak 1374Aklak Air timetable effective April 19th 1992.
(From the collection of David Zekria)

The airline was established in 1977 and started operations in 1978. In June 1994 Aklak Air and Kenn Borek Air set up a joint venture, under the terms of which Aklak Air has access to Kenn Borek Air's fleet as and when required.

Aklak Air is wholly owned by Inuvialuit Joint Venture Company. Fleet consists of one Cessna 185 with a cancelled certificate.

On 4 November 2010, a hangar fire at Inuvik (Mike Zubko) Airport destroyed three aircraft operated by Aklak Air.

(Source: Wikipedia)

tmb aklak air emblem tmb aklak aircraft

AEROMÉXICO CONNECT have leased two more ex-Air Canada E190s (068/146) from Nordic Aviation Capital.

(SpeedNews Aug/17)

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