Alan RustTrack CF-TCC as it makes it's "Trans-Canada" Tour

As announced (above) in our Air Canada News block, CF-TCC is back in the air again.

As part of the tour, the vintage 10-seat aircraft will overnight in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax. The plane may also make a fuel stop in your community. Look out Calgary, Sudbury, Quebec City, and possibly more! Aviation enthusiasts may track the aircraft's movements by its registration, CF-TCC, and look out for the silver aircraft in the skies as follows:

  • This week: B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan
  • Week of September 11: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario
  • Week of September 23: Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes, and returns to Manitoba.

See full article by following this link

You can also follow the route of CF-TCC by visiting or clicking on the image below.

flightaware cf tcc550x615

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