October 1961, Calgary was included as a traffic stop on the Polar route and in December 1962 as a traffic stop on the Latin American service.

MACKENZIE AIR SERVICE, LTD.: Canada (1933-1942).

Inaugurates operations on January 1, 1933 by flying fresh vegetables from Edmonton to the Eldorado Mines at Great Bear Lake. The route to Great Bear Lake is continued. During 1938, scheduled flights are undertaken linking the company’s base with Port Radium via Yellowknife and Gordon Lake.

During the spring of 1941, the carrier is purchased by Canadian Pacific Railway and is merged with the Canadian Airways, Ltd. service from Edmonton to Prince Albert under the marketing title United Air Services, Ltd. in July. Six months later, on January 30, 1942, Mackenzie is one of several air transport companies merged to form Canadian Pacific Air Lines, Ltd.

(Source: worldhistory.biz)
Below we have a 1938 timetable issued June 1st and effective November 1st, 1940. 

(From collection of Bjorn Larsson.)

1938 mackenzie 1375 1940 mackenzie 1375

On December 4th, 1953, a CPA DC-6B arrived at Vancouver from Tokyo becoming the first plane to fly non-stop believed, at the time, to be the longest commercial airline passenger flight of 7,723 kms. Captain James Black was in command. (Source: Vancouver Sun)

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