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A PBY Catalina's Journey of re-discovery at

tmb pby aircraftIn May 2018 a World War Two veteran Canadian flying boat, a PBY Catalina (in Canada termed a Canso), “Shady Lady” is going to take to the air and fly to 11 countries and over fifty towns, cities and communities in a once-in-a lifetime celebration and a unique journey of re-discovery. 

The purpose of the flight will be to provide a platform for the Government of Canada to promote its sovereignty and stewardship of the Arctic, make a World Tourism Campaign for the Government of British Columbia, commemorate the pilots of WWII on the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, visit WWII Catalina bases, produce a film documentary of the flight and its mission, lay wreaths at the wreck sites of HMS Hood and the Battleship Bismarck and honour the history of lend lease and the Atlantic convoys.

tmb lancaster at yyzThis epic flight will never happen again and marks the end of an era. Some of your readers might be interested in this 'Lanc' video on the CTV site

Canada's Lancaster bomber returns home after historic U.K. tour.

Note: "Shady Lady" will be visiting CWHM at CYHM/Mt Hope, Ontario to fly with its Canso.

Hugh MacCallum

John Wendell Crerar sends this comment after reading the article about the Viscount in NetLetter # 1379 -

Hello, wonderful seeing 637 as I spent a few hours crawling around her during the wing spare mod late 50's early 60's. It was a wonderful time and I cherish the memories.

Enjoy reading the net letter, thank you. The years in YWG were great and then came transferees to Montreal, not so great and left six months after arriving. I was a 2nd generation employee and it hurt to leave, but all worked out in the end. I worked 8 years with AC and after transferring to Montreal we went to register our children for school. The authorities told us because we came from out of province our children would have to go to a French Catholic school. We were English speaking Protestants.

Not wanting to quit AC, it became necessary and took job with CP Air which turned out equally as good, but lost my seniority with AC. Now an AC retiree I have 22 years 8 months seniority but actually worked there 8 years with 30 years 8 months with both airlines. The Viscount was the first and I had a wonderful career. Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Best regards,

John Wendell Crerar

Gailene Biener tells us that the refueling stop for Wardair Boeing 727 was Sondrestrom Greenland.

Nicolas Spiros sent us this correction to the article in NetLetter # 1381 regarding the opening of the CPA office in Athens -

tmb cpa gasparinatosRe: your latest edition, I'm sure "Mr. GASPARINATOS" is not around to see his name mutilated to ''GASPARINTOTAS''; the surname ending in ''-atos'' denotes a person's origin in the Ionian island of Cephalonia; and that is the reason the third ''a'' is important.

(Due to an editing error, the “as” was added to the surname. The original article shows two spellings of the name, the second mentioned is the correct one, but was not noticed when the information was used – eds)

I was a young upstart in the business then. Greeks may be proud of their last names but a linguistic problem for North Americans. I chose to drop mine when I moved here; it was a less painful solution!


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