Here are some more photos from 1987 "Report to Employees" following those in NetLetter # 1381.
tmb jim blakeMore of Vancouver employees in 1987, Foreman Jim Blake (forefront) and, from the left reposing in the engine, are Mechanic Jim Stevenson and Certificated Aircraft Technician Dick Waller.
tmb ziggy altmannCertificated Aircraft Technician Ziggy Altmann and Acting Foreman Rob Brown were two of the employees working in Vancouver during 1987.
tmb pierre varyWorking in Montreal during 1987 we have, from the left: Mechanic Pierre Vary, Avionic Specialist Francois Dubord and Mechanics Lorne Tichnor and Warren Vipond.
tmb claude lapierreClimbing aboard for their next assignment we have First Officer Claude Lapierre and watching is Captain James Lamieux at Val d'Or 1987.
tmb otto spechtWorking in New York during 1987 is Customer Service Agent - Commercial Sales is Otto Specht
tmb barry strideOverseas in London, England during 1987, we have Passenger Sales Representative Barry Stride, Advertising Assistant Joanna Saunders and Director International Marketing Communications John Burghardt.
tmb theresa luthanFinally in sunny Bermuda, we have Customer Service Agents Theresa Luthan and Dupre Smith at work during 1987.

tmb horizons emblemFrom the "Horizons" magazine issue dated April 1982.

During March, the Edmonton Commissary department moved into the vacant cargo area. The Cargo department had moved into its new terminal the previous year. The new facilities provided vastly improved working conditions.

tmb edmonton commissaryCommissary employees shown at the opening are, from the left: A. Wenger, D. Magnan, B. Mytrunec, L. Hodgins, M. Terletski, B. Terletski, S. Tozer, A. Swedberg, A. Deck, R. Ranjani, C. Not (background), S. Kennedy, D. Hawkes, M. Neek, C. Parkes, S. Webb and R. Brownee.

Issue dated June 1982.

tmb sleeperettesJuly 1 - the introduction of sleeperettes on the Atlantic service using Boeing 747 equipment. The next phase would be the introduction on the L1011-500 services to Europe.

In Montreal, Walt Miller, Manager Passenger Accommodations, left, shows the new sleeperettes to Robert Grenier, Flight Attendant.

Pierre Jeanniot visited Europe offices during the spring of 1982; he hosted a dinner meeting in Frankfurt for off-line managers.

tmb jeanniot visits europeThis is a photo of the attendees, from the left: Gunther Veeser, Norway; Poul Larsen, Denmark; Roland Noedgren, Sweden & Finland; Jeanniot, Nina Tegeltiza, Belgrade; Hurst Warm, Austria & South-East Europe, and Laszic Hingyl, Budapest.

Captured from the "Parts & Pieces" magazine issue dated April 1989.

tmb kathy whiteA "first" for Stores occurred, early in 1989, when the entire Dorval Stores operation was under feminine control.

On the midnight shift, Peggy Sullivan was the Expediter and senior management person on duty, with Mary Linda Brom as the Communicator, and Kathy White on Communicator training.

The operation went as smoothly as at any other time and no "sexism" is intended in mentioning this. It’s just worth noting because it's about time and because it probably won't be the last time this happens. Our photo has, from the left: Kathy White, Peggy Sullivan and Mary Linda Brom.

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