From the Canadi>n AirCargo annual report 1991.

tmb cpa yyc service awardDuring 1991, Calgary employees celebrate winning the Service Quality Award.

(Unfortunately no names were supplied - anyone care to provide some names? - eds)

TSSC network completes.

The opening of the Vancouver Telephone Sales and Service Center (TSSC) in April 1991 made the TSSC network complete. Along with YUL, YYZ and YYC, Canadi>n Air Cargo customers across Canada are getting speedy and efficient telephone service.

tmb cpa tssc networkIn our photo from the left are: Doug Thornson, Hope-Ann Weidman, Fred Whiting, Ian McLafferty, David Knight, Murray Armstrong, Ken Mok, Gillian Brough and Patrick Cheung. 

Missing are Shirley Cherry, Heather Johannson, John Lynch and Geoff Packham.

The Hong Kong Canadi>n Cargo staff took over the work from a former contract operator.

tmb cpa hong kong staffThis was the staff in June 1991, from the left in front: Raymond Lai, Simon Chan, Dennis Tse and Francis Law.

Back row: John Gibson, Terry Wong, Roy Yip, David Chin, Taley Cheung, Salome Yeung, Al Ridgway, Jacob Wong, Tommy Yu, Samuel Lee, Alfred Chui and Daniel Ngan.

Air Cargo initiated its own special recognition program for 1991, imprinting ULD's with the names of employees who went "above and beyond the call of duty" in providing exceptional customer service.

tmb cpa crew awardsThe winners were: Gordon Darling, YVR; Lance Hoopai, HNL; Genie Simeona, HNL; Richard Takamoto, HNL; Fran Perverseff, YYZ; Edna Wilson, YYT; Garry Handel, YYC; John O'Handley, YYZ; George Klss, YVR and David Harms, YKA.

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