From "via Larry Milberry/CANAV Books". (with permission)

tmb advert for lodestarsGreat things developed for Trans-Canada Air Lines early after the war. New aircraft like the DC-3 and North Star were the biggest change, allowing for a much expanded route structure.

More than 20 newly rebuilt DC-3s were delivered by Canadair starting in 1945, so the well-worn fleet of Lockheeds was sold. This basic “advert” tells the story. No doubt the planes went at give-away prices. For their new role as corporate planes, the basic old TCA Lockheeds were gutted, then rebuilt with swish interiors. As such, they served into the early 1960s – Rolls-Royces of the airways, the granddaddies of today’s Global Express.

BAE Systems and the University of Manchester have flown a stealth drone that has no control surfaces and therefore does not change shape in flight. The MAGMA drone uses blown air to change aerodynamics and allow three-axes control. The most obvious benefit from the innovation is that there is no deflection of control surfaces to reflect radar but there may be some advantages to the flying barn doors that most aircraft represent on radar. The new system is apparently a lot simpler than the collection of mechanical devices that manipulate airflow around flying surfaces. Click here for full article.

Magma Drone

(Source: AVwenFlash December 17, 2017)

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