"You will have to pay full fare for that child, lady," said the ticket agent. He is over 12 years"
"How can he be over 12, when I have only been married for 10 years" she asked.
"Lady, I just collect fares, not confessions” replied the ticket agent.

From the “CP Air Empress Class News - Special Edition”.

Empress Class was first introduced in October 1980. Here is a story - with tongue in cheek!

Once upon a time there was a giant airline called Air Candy that had things pretty well its own sweet way all across the land.

They fed their passengers from plastic plates. There being no need to pamper them because Air Candy could truly boast that they went everywhere.

As there was little choice, the people of the land moaned and groaned every time they had to go away unless they were lucky enough to get a seat on Chic Perk Air, one of the competitive airlines that was forced to fly with clipped wings behind Air Candy.

Chic Perk Air was known for providing the perks that make travelling so enjoyable - like china and silver for gourmet dining and a smile and a friendly hand that make passengers feel so comfy in the skies the likes of which the people had never seen before.

Orange streaks could be seen everywhere, trail blazers in a new era of free wings across the nation. It began with SKYBUS, the country's first bargain-priced flights on a year round basis. Air Candy grimaced, but was too proud to copy. Then came EMPRESS CLASS!

Full treatment for the full fare passenger another first for Chic Perk Air. "It takes a lot more than china cups" the giant harrumphed but alas, it was too late.

Although Air Candy was still the national airline, Chic Perk Air had now become the national airline. Frantically they imitated, offering Connoisseur Service it sounded good, but still no china. Can you imagine dining with plastic?

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