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Alan RustStory of Gimli Glider set to take flight on the big screen

(Submitted, written and compiled by: Anthony Walsh)

I was pleased to hear the recent news that Los Angeles based Inkubate Entertainment is commencing the preparatory work for the production of a Big Screen / Big Budget movie about the Gimli Glider event. I’m sure the movie, as did the real event, will eclipse the Miracle on the Hudson in airmanship skills, people factors and extended drama. See link and image below for a short February 14, 2018 CTV News item, about the movie, with amusing quotes and interesting people facts.

My excitement is prompted by being someone who has for the past several years been voluntarily assisting some very dedicated people in Gimli MB (from my distant Delta BC home), namely those who became voluntary principals of the non-profit entity Gimli Glider Museum Inc. (Barb Gluck – President and a many decade GG museum visionary, and Steve Bannister – VP) that created this slick and very-interactive museum called the “Gimli Glider Exhibit”. This is a most successful permanent display of this important and world-known bit of Canada’s aviation history. The Exhibit had its grand opening on July 23, 2017 (anniversary of the 1983 successful-outcome event) and has been a popular attraction, with general public and airline & aviation heritage-interested visitors from all continents.

The museum’s exhibit has many relevant actual parts funded by donations and removed from B-767-233 / Fin 604 at Mojave MHV in its displays, plus a lot of interactive educational & fun elements. The museum also serves as an archival centre for all things related to the Gimli Glider event.

Below the CTV News item are 2 teaser photos of just one section of this very professionally presented Gimli Glider Exhibit that has had rave reviews. I’ll update you, in subsequent NetLetter editions, on the evolution of the museum in photos, including the cutting free and saving of a significant portion of 604’s tail fin (vertical stabilizer and upper rudder), now at Gimli MB to be dramatically integrated into the museum and about the upcoming July 23, 2018 “35th Anniversary” celebration events at the Gimli glider Exhibit.

Tony Walsh – Retired AC – Mgr. Airport Ops Srvcs – Western NA & Pac Rim / Retired – Contractor for Lektro Inc. – Electric Towbarless Tug manufacturer

gimli glider ctv550x310

Partial Transcript from CTV News Report - February 14, 2018

The story of the ‘Gimli Glider’ is poised to become a feature film on the silver screen. They managed to land the plane on old runway in Gimli without anyone on board or on the ground being seriously injured. Pearl Dion, 76, was a passenger on the flight and is now Pearson's (the Captain's) partner. They reconnected in Gimli at the landing’s 30th anniversary, fell in love and live together near Ottawa. “I thanked him many times for saving my life, saving our lives,” said Dion. “It just made for a really good match.”

The pair said last February, an American filmmaker approached them about making a movie. “They emailed us an 11-page contract and we only understood one page,” said Pearson, laughing. Pearson and Dion have signed a contract and say two script writers have been scouted to work on the project. Both are excited to see the Gimli Glider on the big screen. Los Angeles based Inkubate Entertainment tells CTV News it’s an amazing story and it’s excited about the movie. "I'm not that handsome. I hope they don’t get anyone too handsome. That would be too unrealistic,” said Pearson with a laugh. This summer marks the 35th anniversary of the historic landing

Photos of one section of the Gimli Glider Museum
  (captions provided by Tony Walsh)

RAT and window panel displays550x413You’ll note a Ram Air Turbine (RAT) display in the foreground (that was created with the donated assistance of UTAS, the manufacturer of 604’s RAT).

Due to it being one of the most visitor asked about aspects at the Exhibit, the RAT display is being enhanced. The display content will be expanded with help from engineer/s involved in the initial B-767/757 joint RAT development programs. We also now have saved 604’s original RAT fuselage door thanks to the great effort on a visit to MHV on the GG museum’s behalf to help us by photographing and videoing 604’s tail fin removal.

RAT display550x773

Footnote to caption above: One member of the RAT development team said to us “At the time of the 767 & 757 co-development, this RAT turbine was of a novel and new design that had a number of innovative features that made it both more reliable and cost effective. This design approach, the first of its kind, has gone on to be the standard for essentially all modern RAT’s since that time including those used on Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier and military transport aircraft. To my knowledge there have been at least 17 verified aircraft “saves” with something around 2600 lives saved due to this piece of safety equipment.”

We’ve also learned that back then, some propulsion engineers were of the opinion that the RAT was not needed and would never be used.