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Leo Dana has sent us this request for help-

Thank you for an interesting web page. Did CP use a DC-10-10 on the route YMX-AMS in 1987? I wrote so in my notes in 1987 but now I wonder whether I made an error?
(Anyone out there with the answer that we can pass along to Leo? - eds)

Our in-house expert, Ken Pickford answered this question while proofing this issue.

Re the question, 3 domestic model DC-10-10's were leased from United Airlines as part of an exchange deal that saw 3 of CP's long-range DC-10-30's go to United for about 4 years in early to mid-1983, after UA was awarded the Seattle-Hong Kong nonstop route but had no aircraft in their fleet with enough range to operate it. United was also awarded Seattle-Tokyo about the same time. Those were UA's first long range international routes. Their 747-100's could handle SEA-TYO but not SEA-HKG.

CP used the 3 UA DC-10-10's on transcon and some shorter international routes such as Toronto-Amsterdam and Montreal (then Mirabel/YMX)-Amsterdam, which were about the limit of their range. They were returned to UA (and the -30s were returned to CP) in mid-1987. Whether they actually operated YMX-AMS during those first few months of 1987 I don't know.

Although painted in CP's orange livery, the 3 UA DC-10-10's retained their US registrations (N1834U, N1836U, N1837U) during that exchange deal, and the 3 CP DC-10-30's operated by UA retained their Canadian registrations (C-GCPF/G/H).

Ken Pickford

Dominion Skyways was formed in February 1935 and commenced scheduled service between Montreal and Rouyn on May 3, 1937. Below is the timetable issued May 18, 1938.
(from the collection of Bjorn Larsson).

The prototype Norseman, CF-AYO, first flew on November 14, 1935, powered by a Wright R-975-E3 Whirlwind. Delivered to Dominion Skyways, Rouyn, Quebec January 18, 1936.

The aircraft was named “Arcturus”, and was hired by Warner Brothers in the summer of 1941 for the filming of “Captains Of The Clouds” in the North Bay area of Ontario and carried temporary registration CF-HGO during the filming. More about the film from NetLetter #1374.

(Source: www.norsemanhistory.ca/Aircraft.htm)

tmb dominion skyways 01 tmb dominion airways 01
tmb dominion skyways 02 tmb dominion airways 02

Wardair cancels Amsterdam flights

Wardair Canada Ltd., a unit of Wardair International Ltd of Edmonton says it has cancelled all planned flights between Canadian points and Amsterdam for the 1983 summer season because Dutch authorities rejected Wardair's fare levels.

The company said that Dutch civil aviation authorities "insist that we don't charge any fares lower than CP Air or KLM."

(Source: AC Horizons" Jan 1983)

From the "FlashInfo" magazine issue dated May 1987.

A lunchtime crowd of some 800 CPAL retirees and their spouses, the largest ever, celebrated their ninth annual reunion at the Hotel Vancouver on May 20. 1987.

tmb cpa kenn fraserWe have this photo of Kenn Fraser of Vancouver who retired from CPAL Maintenance Planning in 1977 meeting with Bill Bryan the president of the PWA Retiree Association who retired in 1977 as Vice President, Tech. Services.

tmb cpa pat sempleThis photo, chatting with Sheldon Stoilen, has Pat Semple (left) who retired in 1964 after more than 35 years’ service, and Scotty Comack, who retired in 1973 with 44 years service.

Both Semple and Comack joined Western Canada Airways in January 1929 as aircraft maintenance engineers.