Alan RustAbandoned B-737 in Bali

(Source: The Daily Mail and Youtube)

Tourists are flocking to see an abandoned Boeing jet in the middle of the field on the Indonesian island of Bali – but no-one is sure how it got there.

Surrounded by leafy trees, shipping containers and a hut, the plane rests in a large ditch just off the busy Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Highway. Adding to the mystery, the enclosed plane has no identification or branding on it.

There is some speculation, from locals and aviation enthusiasts, that its owner had a dream of turning the airliner into a restaurant but couldn't foot the bill to see the project through - and so left it to corrode.

There's also a second B-737 in Bali parked beside a Dunkin Donuts shown as well in the video. 

Note: after further investigation it appears that the first aircraft displays former registration PK-RII still visible on the right wing. If true, that would make it Boeing 737-200 MSN22876 LN922 originally delivered to Arkia - Israeli Airlines in 1983. It was last registered to Mandala Airlines (name still barely visible over the windows in on the forward fuselage). It is "preserved" at Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

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Abandoned B737

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