Here we have this Quebecair timetable issued during 1975.   This Nordair timetable is dated April 27, 1975.
tmb 1975 quebecair 1390 tmb 1975 nordair 1390
(Source: airline-memorabilia.blogspot.ca)

Stuart Russell has sent us a couple of beautiful photos of C-GMWW tail #881 the first 747-400 Canadian Airlines put into service in 1990; it was named "Maxwell W. Ward"

I represented Airports on the multi-disciplined team that evaluated the systems and equipment installed when it was being built. The team went to the Boeing factory for a 747/767 assembly line tour and then flew on aircraft 882 on her acceptance flight to YVR. I found it amazing how unique a USD $160 million airplane could smell when she was brand new!!

Those 4 x 747-400s that were brought into the fleet changed the game for Canadian on the North Pacific routes. No more DC-10-30ER tech stops in TPE in the winter. I always marveled at the 744 capability - 427 pax and bags / 50,000 lbs cargo / full tanks and 875,000 lb takeoff weight for a 14-16 hour flight YVR-HKG. Pure magic!!

Stuart Russell.

C-GMWW over YVR On the ramp in YVR
tmb cpa c gmww over yvr tmb cpa c gmww ramp yvr

These two photos from the “Canadian Airlines Photo History”.
CP Air B737 CF-CPV titled "The Company Jet". CP Air DC-8 CF-CPP titled "Skybus".
tmb cpa cf cpv tmb cpa cf cpp

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