Paul Goodman has sent us these photos of CP Air Reservation Agents from the early seventies when their office was at Vancouver reservations on Burrard Street.

It would be interesting to see if anyone else has photos from this era. Note: We're not sure if these are re-union photos or photos from the 70's, we'll verify this in our next issue.

tmb cpa 1Pat MacDonald, Andi Divine, Dana Kulay, Willy T. and John Maclean.
tmb cpa 2Norm Shannon, Shirley Cater and Barry Morrow.
tmb cpa 3Al Drumand, Jo McD. , Don Macleod, Claire Patten and Barry Morrow.
tmb cpa 4Reg Nelson, Sandy Steiger and Alf Peart.
tmb cpa 5Shirley Cater and John French.
tmb cpa 6Reg Nelson, Louise Moore, Doug Hollingworth and an unidentified lady.
tmb cpa 7Louise Moore, unidentified gentleman, Angie Keeping, George Neufelt, Peggy Grant and Doreen Hazel (???).
tmb cpa 8Sandy Reynolds, Norm Shannon, Mo Horgan, Muncie Booth (???), unidentified lady and Barry Morrow.
tmb cpa 9Barry Morrow, Angie Keeping and Jim Fairley.
tmb cpa 10Carol Waters, Bud Smith, unidentified lady and Marlie Field in blue behind.
tmb cpa 11Linda Alexander (???),  Lorne Baker and Peggy Grant.
Please note: Question marks (???) appear where Mr. Goodman is not certain of the identification. Clarification from our readers would be appreciated. Eds. 

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