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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

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(Submitted by: Alan Evans)

On Tuesday, September 19th, 1989, UTA Flight 772 was flying from Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo in route to Paris, France. A little after take off the airplane exploded into a ball of fire over Niger in the Sahara Desert.

There were 170 people on board that flight which was brought down by a suitcase bomb planted by Libyan terrorists

Dubbed 'The Forgotten Flight' it wasn't until 18 years later, an association was formed to represent the victims families In 2007, this association used funds paid by the Libyan government to construct a memorial to the 170 victims who died on UTA Flight 772.

The memorial shows a life-size silhouette of the DC-10 inside a compass, with arrows pointing North, South, East and West. The airplane depicted in the emblem points in the same direction of the plane‚Äôs intended flight path. The emblem is made out of dark stones with 170 broken mirrors placed around the edge, one for each victim of the bombing. (Click on image below for video). To see this from Google Maps please click here.

UTA Memorial