From the "Canadian Pacific COMPRESS" magazine issue 1981.

Spreading wings.

Soon after the war a new Empress of world travel was to make its debut. Grant McConachie, the unquenchable airline enthusiast and Wiliiam Neal, who had succeeded to the presidency of the company, had won a major victory. They persuaded the government to allow Canadian Pacific not only to continue to fly but to fly to the Orient and Australia as well.

The first overseas flight of the Empress of the air was in 1949. New destinations were quickly added until, six years later, Canadian Pacific flew 22,000 miles of routes to five continents. But the hoped –for right to fly to destinations across Canada was still denied.

Found in the "Connections" magazine issue dated March 1989.

tmb yukon sourdoughThe Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous was held on February 17 - 26, 1989. The annual high-spirited, foot-stomping carnival is a festival designed to thaw out the crustiest of sourdough, and to warm the hearts of any stranger to the North.

Here is the photo which came with the article. From left top row: Scott Lye, Robyn Firth, Alaina Fletcher, Laverne Randall, Sue Sawyer, Marie Aylward and Bruce Laurie.

Front row: Al Fozard, Becky Duncan, Pat Besier, Gayle Alford, Frank Close and Phil Dyke. Front centre is Dave Griffiths

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