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While looking around YouTube for an article topic, I came across a series of videos about two female pilots with Kenya Airways posted by justplanes.com.

Although this item may be best suited to the ‘Women in Aviation’ section, I though that I would expand on their story.

Captain (Irene) Koki Mutungi and First Officer Paula are both modest and charming but definitely inspirational as they describe their careers in aviation.

Captain Mutungi was born into an aviation family (her father was a pilot) and obtained her private pilot’s license in Nairobi before moving to the United States and obtaining her commercial pilot’s license.

She returned to Kenya in 1995 where she established a series of ‘firsts’ for female pilots in Africa. First female pilot hired by Kenya Airways, first African woman to become a captain on the Boeing 737, Boeing 767 and then the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in April 2014.

First Officer Paula describes her airline career as being a "blessing" and “quite by chance” since she does not come from an airline family. She does seem to be a very natural communicator and her enthusiasm is obvious.

I chose the most concise of the videos to link to here; there are many more available to enjoy.

‘Feelgood” stories can be hard to come across these days; I was very happy to find this one.


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