Alan RustJumbo Stay Hotel Revisited

We had a reference to this 747 Hotel in Sweden in a previous NetLetter issue, but I found some additional information about it with some great photos that I thought you may enjoy.

If you’ve endlessly tried to sleep on a plane to no avail, now is your chance to finally catch some zzz's aboard a Boeing 747. The Jumbo Stay, a jet that’s been parked at the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport since 2009, welcomes guests to spend the night. Price ranges from $66 CAD/night (four-bed dorm) to around $280 CAD for a "Double Bed Ensuite Cockpit" (or Black Box Suite). I thought the "Engine Rooms" were very unique!  See their website at

The plane, which was an active Boeing 747-212B once owned by Transjet Airways that entered service in 1976, has been given a modern makeover. The jumbo hotel, which can house up to 76 guests, features 27 rooms, including a luxury suite in the plane’s cockpit, as well as accommodations inside the plane’s engines.

You can view the complete article at The Travel

  jumbo stay vidio550x308

jumbo hotel550x503

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