tmb enroute jan 2012Here is the cover of the enRoute magazine issued January 2012.

Snorkeling off the Scott Beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands, photo by Chris Nicholls.

Extracts from the "Horizons" magazine. Issue dated February 2006. (with permission).

Dreams Take Flight.

dreams take flight emblemDreams Take Flight started in Toronto in 1989 when a group of employees took 70 children to Walt Disney World Resort. Since then this special flight has expanded across Canada. Children on flights from Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary visit Disneyland in California. Children on the Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax flights see Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Since the start of the program in 1989, more than 11,000 physically, mentally or socially challenged children have visited Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort thanks to employees, retirees, family and friends from Air Canada and Jazz, and the many corporate sponsors of Dreams Take Flight.

Employees donate $10,000 winnings to Dreams Take Flight.

This group of Toronto-based employees entered a local radio station’s scavenger hunt and won the $10,000 top prize which will be donated to Dreams Take Flight. These employees showed that through teamwork and sheer determination, the near impossible can be accomplished.

This hardy team searched for 25 hard-to-find items including a live elephant, an original pay stub from an NHL hockey player, a Commodore 64 computer, a 1957 Chevy that works and a window speaker from a drive-in movie – not to mention having 12 people dress up as Santa Claus.

To help in the search, they enlisted colleagues, friends and family. In the end, all but two items were obtained. Many scavenger teams had contacted the Bowmanville Zoo for an elephant, however, when the zoo learned that the Air Canada team would donate its winnings to Dreams Take Flight, the zoo agreed our employees could lay claim to the elephant as theirs for the purposes of the hunt.

In our photo are some of the employees who participated in the hunt:

tmb dreams donationBack row: Julie Mailhot, Manager, Flight Dispatch Operations & ATC Coordinator; Tina Fallis, Flight Safety Awareness Manager; Josie Forbes, Project Control Manager; Kathy Dutchak, Manager, Finance & Administration – SOC; Mary Wolf, Manager, Non-Aircraft Procurement; Nancy Rockbrune, Black Belt; Cathy Hollister. Manager, Employee & Ground Safety.

Front row: Annie Prasnjak, Emergency Response Planning Manager; Krista Clark, Manager, Internal Quality Audits; Sandra Boyle, PMO Project Manager; Lita Mueller, Administrative Assistant; Jan Yeo, Supply Accounts Assistant.

At Paris customers have access to two Air Canada self-service check-in kiosks, which includes a passport reading device.

tmb paris staffStanding by the Air Canada check-in kiosk at Paris Airport are:

From the left: Jean-Pierre Oiry, Senior Station Co-ordinator; Gilles Charlu, Customer Service Manager; Laetitia Waeyaert, Passenger Agent; Patrice Buret, Senior Sales Agent; Cedric Tasnier, Passenger Agent.

Issue July/August 2010. (Used with permission).

Air Canada employees participate in the GTAA run in Toronto. On Saturday, June 19, 2010, Air Canada employees participated in the GTAA’s third annual Runway Run for charity.

Runway 06R-24L was closed for the event and participants jogged or walked alongside other active runways to raise money for a great cause.

tmb gtaa runnersIn our photo are: Nikki Tsimiklis, Daniela Provato, Lidia Campanaro, Mike Trauzzi. Mary Manni, Michael Foley, Linda Lancione, Chris Timson and Karima Lalani.

tmb calgary stampedeStarting in November 2009, aware of being in WestJet territory, Calgary employees held a Customer Appreciation Day at the airport – a big hit with our passengers.

So employees from Customer Relations, Airports, GSE and In-flight, led by Marlene Pipella, GM Customer Relations, got together to think of ways to put Air Canada back on the brains of Calgarians.

They set their sights on the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth - 'The Calgary Stampede'.

Issue dated September 2010. (Used with permission)

Changing the way we buy at Air Canada.

Did you know that Air Canada spends over $5.6 billion a year buying goods, services or products? Everything from the earbuds we resell onboard, to the van services that drive our crews to and from hotels during layovers, to the very paper this story is printed on — from more than 4000 suppliers?

It is imperative that we adopt a well thought out process for selecting our suppliers, many of whom are strategic to our business.

In our photo we have:

Sitting left to right: Lou Carvalho, Senior Director Catering Product; Luc Piché, Senior Director Strategic Procurement; Andrianna Pischos, Manager, In-Flight Catering Product; Danny Lavigne, Manager, Strategic Purchasing Commercial.

Standing: Wally Gebara, Suppler Accounts Manager; Sabrina Felicioni, Catering Product Specialist; David Kelusky, Amit Sachder and Jordan Shapiro.

Consultants from A.T. Kearney, a global management company; Jennifer Tune, Manager Strategic Purchasing Commercial; Victor Cheng, Manager Supply Chain Galley Planning and Catering Performance.

tmb changing ways to buy

Found in the "Parts & Pieces" magazine issue dated 1996, June July & August.

tmb gordon churchScam of the Month

Here is a picture of a real character and actor, Gordon Church,  a Stockkeeper in Dorval stores was solely responsible for this prank that he pulled off on quite a few of his peers. Racks were being pulled from one location to another by leaving them assembled to save time in re-assembly.

As we all know these racks were put up in the early 1960's and the dirt and cigarette butts were dragged with the racks. Gordon decided to look under the end of one of the racks just as gullible me, Frank Pedder, arrived for me to see him move the dust around only to find an old $20 bill.

He had many of us going for a while until he confessed that it was his $20 bill and not a found one.

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