Part two of the Canadian Pacific history - (Part one was in NetLetter #1403)

General Manager of the air service department is C. H."Punch" Dickins, perhaps Canada's best known and best liked airline pioneer, who built Canadian Airways into a large organization.

Canadian Pacific is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world, with offices in every principal city on the globe and steamship lines reaching into almost every ocean. It plans to supplement its steamship service with long-range airplane routes. It has obtained the franchise for the trans-Atlantic service, and it can offer, via Alaska the shortest air route from North America to the Orient.

The railway now owns or controls the following airlines in Canada:

  • Canadian Airways, Ltd., Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver.
  • Arrow Airways, Ltd., The Pas, Manitoba.
  • Dominion Skyways, Ltd., Montreal.
  • Mackenzie Air Service, Ltd, Edmonton Alberta.
  • Prairie Airways, Ltd., Moose Jaw, Sask.
  • Quebec Airways, Ltd., Montreal.
  • Starratt Airways and Transportation Ltd Hudson, Ontario
  • Yukon Southern Air Transport, Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta.

Only six smaller airlines and the Government's Trans-Canada Air Lines, remain outside the C.P.R. fold.

In acquiring control of individual airline companies C.P.R. has done much to stabilize the costly and competitive ''bush country'' operations which have been a sore spot in Canada's aviation picture for many years.

(Source: Financial Times Archives - 1941)

(Third part in NetLetter #1405 - eds) 

 Here we have photos of former Canadian B737's.

Dome Petroleum C-GDPA - B737-2T2C - ADV. (left)
and C-GSPW - B737-275C - ADV (right). 

tmb C GDPA B737 2T2 ADVC dome petroleum tmb C GSPW B737 275C ADVC

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