Alan RustBoeing Bling

I discovered the image/video below showing an Emirates B-777 covered with "bling". Although most of you (I hope) would know that this is a fake photo that's been photo-shopped, I still found it interesting. Emirates, tweeted a doctored photo of one of their jetliners with the exterior decked out in diamonds. “Presenting the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777,” they wrote on Twitter. “Image created by Sara Shakeel.” The photo was created by Shakeel, who is famous for recreating photos of famous landmarks or pop culture icons—such as McDonald’s french fries—in crystals.

If that wasn't enough, I also found a photo from the Dubai Miracle Garden where you'll find the biggest flower arrange in the world, a replica of an Emirates Airbus A380 that sits covered in more than 500,000 fresh flowers and plants. When all of its flowers are in full bloom, the full-size aircraft structure has some five million flowers. 

boeing bling550x391

miracle garden550x342

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