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Airline Channels on YouTube

I know that I am repeating myself when I say that I love the times we now live in. I have great respect for “the good old days” and I think that we now have the technology to preserve and share history by posting images and videos on the internet.

I thought that I would pass along a few of my favourite YouTube channels for viewing both vintage and new videos. YouTube allows users to subscribe to the channels of content providers and “ring the bell’ to receive notifications whenever a new video on a favourite channel has been loaded.

Topping my list is Alex Praglowski Aviation (aka Dude8472 Productions).

Alex lives in Calgary, Alberta and is a very skilled videographer who posts high quality videos regularly.

He recently posted the video below explaining why there are still B737-200's operating in northern Canada. The NetLetter has addressed the same subject in NetLetter # 1333 & 1399.

tmb alex youtube x550

A few more interesting channels are:

JetFlix is another channel from Canada and has posted many historical videos.

JustPlanes posts many videos with cockpit footage, many highlighting female pilots.

Hours of fun, put some time aside to enjoy the fine work of these YouTubers.

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