Below are a few Pacific Western Airlines Passenger Ticket / Baggage Check coupons.

(Source: from the personal collection of Gklavas Athanasios)

September 18, 1973 - Vancouver - Victoria
tmb 18 9 1973 x550w
October 29, 1978 - Vancouver - Dawson Creek
tmb 29 10 1978 x550w
January 19, 1982 - Brandon - Calgary - Edmonton
 tmb 19 1 1982 550w
 An unused edition from April 1983
 tmb 4 1983 550w

From the "Blue Skies" magazine issue dated July 1979.

First corporate cup - CP AIR dominates! Until noon! Extracted from a report by Mike Evans.

Action B.C. supported by the Provincial Government Ministry of Health sponsored the first British Columbia Corporate Cup of Athletics at Swangard Stadium May 19, 1979.

The Corporate Cup consisted of 10 running and throwing events ranging from a six mile team run to a softball throw relay and superstars obstacle course.

CP Air's team average was 36 years and represented CP Air's ethnic mix of employees with the following countries of birth: Canada 3; New Zealand 1; Australia 1; China 1; UK 2.

CP Air's strength lay in the men's distance team and in the women’s events.

Off to a good start with leading in four events with a superb run in the 6 mile race by Wiggs, placed fourth in the ladies event and by Sierpina (11th), Dunn (25th) and Schlichtling (26th) in the men's event. This was good for second place.

CP Air's team took the lead with a 6th place in the women's relay by (Wiggs, Read, Walker) and 5th place in the mixed relay (Wiggs, Walker, Schlichtling and Evans).

However advancing years took their toll despite more points in the sprint and athletic events, our master' relay team (Dunn, Carr, Read) we gradually slipped to finish 10th overall.

tmb cpa athletic teamIn our group photo we have -

Back row: Paul Carr, Tony Dunn, Fred Zaph, Mike Evans and Patty Walker.

Front row: Marie Read, Stan Sierpina, Gunter Schlichtling and  Winnie Wiggs.

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