united air service 1941 BLHere we have a copy of the timetable for United Air Service effective May 1, 1941.

(Source: Bjorn Larsson collection)

Extract from the "Flight" magazine issue August 26, 1955.

Canadian Pacific Airlines recently became the first Commonwealth airline to use the new Arctic route and the first company to provide direct service between Europe and Canada's west coast.

Inaugurated in June, initially on a weekly frequency, the service operates between Vancouver and Amsterdam Schiphol via Greenland (westbound) and Manitoba (eastbound). Since it represented an expansion of C.P.A.'s existing route from Vancouver to Sydney, the introduction of this service enabled C.P A. to claim yet another "first": some of the passengers on the inaugural flight were "the first to have flown in one journey over the International Date Line, the Equator and the Arctic Circle."

Among those aboard was C.P.A.'s president, Mr. Grant McConachie, who showed interest in both Comet 4 and Britannia as potential replacements for the DC-6Bs, which serve Latin America, Hong Kong and Tokyo as well as the points named above.

The company also operates medium and short stages in Canada using Convairs, DC-3s and a number of smaller aircraft, D.H. Otters being among the latest additions.

Airlines swap executives

As part of an executive exchange program, CP Air and Eastern Provincial Airways have swapped executives. Captain Bob Weatherly, who joined CP Air in 1965 and has been Director, Safety and Training since September, 1984, will become Vice President, Flight Operations for EPA, replacing Rod Mackay.

Mackay, who joined EPA in 1966, will become CP Air's Director, Flight Technical Services.

(Source: AC Horizons" magazine issue February 1985)

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