• 1943, July 22 -  Service commenced Montreal - Prestwick for C-GAS with Lancastrian equipment.
  • 1951, April 1 -  Inaugural service Montreal-Paris via London (LHR).
  • 1958, May 15 - Inaugural service Montreal - Paris direct.
  • 1966, June 1 - Service commenced between Canada and Moscow..
  • 1985, June 15 - Inaugural service between Ottawa and London England using L-1011 equipment.
  • 1986 - Replacement of Connoisseur service by the new Executive Class.
  • 2011, December 18 - Air Canada Rouge launched. 
tmb air canada rouge

tmb enroute sep 2012Here is the cover of the enRoute magazine issued September 2012. 


Results from Bermuda

Following the meeting between Canadian and British Government representatives in Bermuda, a bi-lateral Canadian-British agreement has been signed whereby a maximum of three hundred and fifty passengers every week will be able to fly each way on Trans-Canada Air Lines and B.O.A.C - aircraft, the companies operating jointly.

The two terminals will be Dorval, Montreal, and Prestwick, Scotland - the latter until Heathrow is fit for all-weather use. In the meantime, Trans-Canada Air Lines have reduced their Atlantic fare to £83 for the single journey, as against the £127 previously charged.

The service is now opened to non-priority passengers.

(Source: Flight International archives 1946)

horizons logoFound in the “Horizons” magazine.
Issue dated March 1985.

tmb retirements for centuriesThe company recently honoured a group of 12 Toronto-based employees who retired with a combined service date of close to 300 years. Friends and co-workers shared a chuckle or two over posters of the guests of honor taken from photos that had appeared on their applications for employment.

In the photo are, standing from the left: Reservations Supervisors Bruce Maxim and Bill Schultz; Claire Shields, Personnel Services Manager; Ralph Martin, Reservations Supervisor; Ken Bruce, Sales Representative, Hamilton, Ontario and Bill Hendry, Sales Office Supervisor.

Seated, from the left, are: Jinny Bradshaw, Project Manager, Marketing; Pat Ford, Regional Training and Development Instructor; Enid Jordison, Customer Relations Representative and Don Morrison, Regional Customer Relations Manager.

Absent from the photo, but not to be forgotten, are Barry Nye, Manager, Human Resources Programs and Bob Rathwell, Sales Representative.

Issue dated April 1985.

The presidents or their representatives of the Air Canada Recreation Associations across the system met recently in Montreal for a daylong exchange of views and ideas concerning their programs of upcoming activities planned for employees. Early in the day, President Pierre Jeanniot dropped in to meet the group which is shown here in this photograph.

Back row, from the left, are: Crispin Colvin, London, Ontario; Jim Miller, Toronto; Brian Connolly, Halifax; Jim Batten, Ottawa; Bob Preiss, Winnipeg; Naish Batten, Sydney, Nova Scotia and Jason Trehas, Regina.

Middle row, from the left: Dave Leslie, Edmonton; Noel Ebden, Saskatoon; Ken Rodgers, London, England; Bernie Curwin, Moncton; Bernie Allardyce, Vancouver; Roger Bernard, Quebec City; and Andy Joy, St. John's.

Front row, from the left, are: Gail Ellis, Employee Services Coordinator, Montreal; Robbie Willianen, Thunder Bay; Deidra Roberts, San Francisco; Pierre Jeanniot and Diane Drury, Montreal and Cory Smith, Los Angeles. 

  tmb x550 acra presidents

Sales and additions to the company's fleet underline the need for an update in April 1985.

  • DC-8-54, fin #812, was sold on December 19, 1984 to the Lift Foundation of Liechtenstein. Its market value was $300-$500,000 U.S.
  • DC-8-54, fin #815, was parked at Dorval, and was used for spare parts. The hull, which had no market value, was sold to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in November 1984. Subsequently broken up in November 1993.
  • Three DC-8-63s (fins #868, 869 and 870) went to ATASCO Inc. of Zug, Switzerland on December 29, 1984. The aircraft remain parked at Marana, Arizona, until delivery which is slated for the middle of the year 1985.
  • DC-8-63 fin #879 was sold to LAP, the Paraguayan national airline, on December 21, 1984. Its market value was $4 million U.S.
  • B-747, fin #302, was delivered to the GPA Group at the end of May 1, 1985 – its market value is $19 million U.S.
  • B-727-233A, fin #403, was sold to Federal Express, delivery on April 3, 1985, re-registered N220FE named "Emily Rose". Its market value was $7-$8 million U.S.
Current surplus aircraft (as of March 1985) were:
  • Seven DC-8-61s parked in long-term storage at Marana.
  • Two DC-8-63s, also at Marana.
  • Two L-1011s leased to Gulf Air were delivered in June 1985.

Farewell to old friends.

Place Air Canada staff honored their fellow employees who took early retirement.

Shown during a get-together at Montreal's Four Seasons hotel are, front row, from the left: Eleanor Prevost. Reine Coole, Edna Morrison, Dorothy Bissonnette, President Pierre Jeanniot, Pat Hare, Marion Forbes, Fred Miles and Joe Mastro.

Second row, from the left, are: Malcolm Ross. Peter Henderson, Jean-Guy Longpre, Chris Irwin, Ed Marsan, Ray Dicaire, Bill Downard, Doug Wilson, Kevin Rothwell, Elton Clelford, Viggo Carstensen, Murray McAuslane, Bill Fox, Leo Brammall, Roy Pennell, Clayton Glenn, Jacques Gaucher, Peter Kralka and Gilles Menard.

Back row, from the left, are: Al Read, Mike Pitchford, Kal Kalinowski, Gilbert Gibson, Ralph Reid and George Clifford.

tmb x550 farewell old friends

Issue dated October 1984 & March 1985.

The 224 passengers embarked on a worldwide journey of a lifetime under the command of Captain Don Stinson travelling in the luxury of a 747 aircraft and stayed at first class hotels along the way. Each passenger paid a base price of $5,600 and the surcharges for 'J' and 'F' seats were $1,000 and $2,000 respectively.

The price was all inclusive: air fare, accommodation, many meals and conducted tours. The exotic trip departed from Toronto on January 25, 1985 and visited such destinations as Rio de Janiero, Capetown, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Bali and Sydney. The airline had never visited many of the cities before. The tour wound up in Toronto on February 11, 1985.

Issue dated May 1985.

tmb suspicion at lhrThe eagle eyes of three Heathrow passenger agents prevented five illegal immigrants from entering Canada and earned the trio some very high praise from the Canadian High Commission in London.

The incident occurred when five Asians holding Pakistani passports checked in for Flight 865 to Montreal. They checked in at different desks where Mandy Huckins, Kate McDonald and Françoise Jolly were on duty.

The passengers each had visas which, to the layman's eye would appear genuine, but not so to the staff. A tiny smudge on the visa wording triggered an inquiry and cross-referencing among the agents. A thorough examination revealed several faults with the documents though the forgeries were generally acknowledged as excellent.

Ian Williamson, Senior Passenger Agent who trains agents to spot such items, was called in and he, in turn, contacted Bob Lynch, Airport Passenger Service Manager. The five were refused carriage and were handed over to British Immigration who arranged repatriation to Pakistan.

The eighth AGM of the Pionairs was held at Anaheim, California April 25-28, 1985.

The new for 1985 Pionairs executive were Treasurer Ray White, Secretary Gene Brown, First V.P. Jack Somerset, President Frank Dunlop, Second V.P. Blake Austin.

Issue dated June 1985 - Alumni plans.

Alumni President Jim Gehlsen advised that the 14th annual get-together of the TCA Alumni will be held at the Breckenridge Resort Hotel at St. Petersburg Beach November 11-13, 1985.

Issue dated March 2012 (Used with permission).

tmb remember when 1950"Horizons" magazine launched a new semi-permanent 75th anniversary column in the February 2012 edition. We had the first photo of the page in NetLetter #1410.

Here is the 1950 version.

Issued July/August 2011 (used with permission)

It’s not every day you run or walk on a runway with airplanes either taking off or arriving on another runway close by. On June 18, 2011 more than 2,000 people experienced just that as they participated in the Toronto Pearson Airport’s fourth annual Runway Run/Walk for charity. This popular event saw people either run 5 km or walk 2 km on an inactive runway.

A group of Air Canada pilots represented our airline and took on other companies and agencies including the GTAA and Peel Police for the best average score. Our pilots finished in first with an average run time of 25 minutes and 43 seconds.

From left to right are Captain Luigi Torano, First Officer Shawn Wilson, First Officer Zan Vetter, First Officer Gord Wright, First Officer Glennis Walsh, Captain Doug Morris, Captain Doug Cochrane, First Officer Brent McCarroll, Captain Brian Godberson, Captain Ryan Bradley.

tmb x550 ac pilots

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