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Aviation Memorabilia Newsletter

Since 1995

Below we have the timetable for Yukon Southern Air Transport Ltd effective May 15, 1940 including the 3 inside pages.

(Source: Bjorn Larsson collection)

1940 yukon southern tmb 1940 yukon southern 1
tmb 1940 yukon southern 2 tmb 1940 yukon southern 3

EPA loses trade name.

Eastern Provincial Airways of Halifax will operate under the CP Air logo of its parent Canadian Pacific Air Lines of Vancouver. By January 1, 1986, EPA's Boeing 737 jets will fly in CP Air colours and employees will wear CP Air uniforms.

The regional carrier's president Sheldon Stoilen said the change will allow EPA and CP Air to present a unified image to the travelling public while retaining their individual corporate structures and strengths.

(Source: AC "Horizons" magazine issued August 1985)

CP Air abandons Attache surcharge.

CP Air is dropping the five per cent surcharge on Attache class until October 28, 1985 to find out if it is stopping some business travellers from using the service. The five per cent premium works out to as little as $5 on a short flight and is never more than $13.

(Source: AC "Horizons" magazine issue September 1985)