October 27, 1985

 Air Canada service between Victoria - Vancouver will be two daily flights by B-727 equipment and thirteen daily flights by Time Air using Short 360 equipment.

horizons logoExtracted from "Horizons" magazine

Issue March 2012. (Used with permission).

Known for years as “Southern Service,” our inaugural flight to the Caribbean was on December 1, 1948. The route: Montreal – Toronto – Nassau – Kingston – Port of Spain.

Air Canada was the first North American airline with scheduled service to Barbados. On December 3, 1949. The flight from Toronto took 15 hours and included stops in The Bahamas and Jamaica.

Montreal Pond Hockey Festival.

Employees from Operations Engineering & Aircraft Performance recently participated in the Montreal Pond Hockey Festival as part of a team building exercise.

Shown here:, Team Ice Breakers, included from left to right:

Robert Couillard, A/General Manager, Operations Engineering & Aircraft Performance; Craig Benton, Jim Hemsworth, Technician, Aircraft Performance; Eugene Corrigan, Engineer, Flight Ops; Paulo Goncalves, Engineer, Flight Ops; and Scott Matthews.

The Ice Breakers finished with a record of one win and two losses, and are already looking forward to playing again next year. 

tmb 550 yul pond festival

Issue August 1985.

tmb geneva staffWhen Chairman Claude Taylor visited Geneva, he stopped by the office to meet with the staff.

Shown in the photo taken to commemorate the occasion are, from the left: Jacques Gras, Manager Western Switzerland; Station Attendant Beat Haldimann; Passenger Agent Gerard Furgler and Chairman Claude Taylor

Issue September 1985.

Data link for ATC is a first.

Air Canada is the world's first provider and user of Data Link for Air Traffic Control. Flight 860, May 19, 1985, received the world's first Oceanic Air Traffic control clearance by Data Link.

The flight sent a data link message to the Oceanic Air Traffic Control center at Gander, Newfoundland. The Control Center responded by entering the oceanic clearance into an Air Canada C.R.T. installed by C&SS. This message appeared on the data link printer installed on the B-767 control pedestal.

A quick move.

On Saturday June 29, 1985 at 13:15, Air Canada flight 787 left Dallas/Ft. Worth Terminal 28, Gate 4 for the last time. Immediately following its departure, the move to Gate 16, Terminal 4E started.

Computer & Systems Services Communications Engineering Technician Nam Tran took screw driver and wire clipper in hand and started moving CRT's, ticket and boarding pass printers.

tmb a quick moveIn our photo, taking a few minutes to smile for the camera, we have, from the left: Denise Hammons, Customer Service Agent and Robert Perrault, District Manager – Dallas/Ft. Worth, Monique Walter and Lynita Rogers, Customer Service Agents.

tmb a quick move 1Pictured among the boxes they are helping to unpack are, from the left: Wally Heckman, Airport Manager – Dallas/Ft.Worth; Robert Perrault, District Manager - Dallas/Ft.Worth and Jim Gould, General Manager - Western USA.

London England cycle team.

Members of the bicycle racing team sponsored by Air Canada Cargo in London, England, were extremely successful in the recent Masters Games in Toronto, an Olympics for mature athletes, 8,305 of whom gathered from 61 countries from all over the world to take part in 22 sports.

tmb lhr cycle teamOur photo has the Air Canada sponsored team of Paul Bennett, John Pritchard and Don McKellow. The team collected four first place finishes and a second.

Toronto staged the first World Masters Games in 1985. Since then, World Masters Games has also taken place in Aalborg, Aarhus and Herning (1989), Brisbane (1994), Portland, Oregon (1998), Melbourne (2002), Edmonton (2005) and Sydney (2009). The Sydney 2009 World Masters Games attracted a record 28,676 competitors.

This is more than double the number of competitors that took part in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

(Source: wikipedia.org)

Issue dated May 2012 (Used with permission).

tmb remember when 1970"Horizons" magazine launched a new semi-permanent 75th anniversary column in the February 2012 edition. We had the first photo of the page in NetLetter #1410.

Pictured here is the 1970's version.

Found in the "Parts and Pieces" magazine.

Issue dated December 2002.

This group of retirees from the Purchases & Supply were at the Dorval Legion one of the Tuesday’s monthly meetings during 2002.

From the left: Wally Hinds, Byran Campbell, Wally Haverstock, Frank Bomersback, Dusty Miller, Tom Bagg and Jack Ramage.

tmb 550 p and s retirees

Cricket in Montreal.

tmb cricket at yulThe Air Canada Everest Cricket Club (AECC) hosted a cricket tournament in Montreal during 1985. The club's president, H. Cambridge, Mechanic, Dorval Base, had invited all stations to participate in the tournament. One team only, the London Cargo Cricket Club (LCCC) from England responded.

The event nonetheless took place at the Rolls Royce of Canada Ltd. grounds. On Saturday August 17 the first match was played between the LCCC and a mixed team of Rolls Royce, Quebec League and AECC players.

The LCCC lost and Most Valuable Trophies were awarded to P. Davey, Passenger Agent (LCCC) and B. Brown of the Quebec league. Sunday August 18 was another beautiful sunny day.

The LCCC had recovered from its defeat and was more than ready to meet its opponent, the AECC which it defeated. Most Valuable Player trophies for that match were awarded to J. Oakley, Warehouseman (LCCC), and H. Cambridge. The Sportsman trophy went to M. Hopkins, Acting Cargo Agent (LCCC).

Our photo has H. Cambridge presenting the AECC trophy to H. Edwards, Acting Cargo Service Supervisor, London, England.

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