tmb air ontario 1994 1417Here we have this airOntario timetable issued September 6, 1994. 

From the Arthur Na collection.

horizons logoExtracted from "Horizons" magazine.

Issue November 1986.

A breath of fresh air.

tmb a breath of fresh air logoAt the beginning of the year 1986, Air Canada moved its international advertising account to Young & Rubicam.

With the change of agency came a decision to run an international advertising campaign designed to promote a single, consistent image for the airline in all its non-North American markets.

Above is the new international logo for the airline.

Issue dated October 1986.

Cricket season ends on a high note.

The Air Canada Everest Cricket Club team arrived in England oblivious of the rigors ahead. Getting down to business, Everest faced a powerful British Airways' team.

"We were easy victims, losing by 108 runs," said Hinsley, Everest President. "Oh well, there is always tomorrow". The next day saw Everest being hosted by the H.M.S. Cricket Club and another defeat.

The team members began to ask themselves as the excuses came tumbling out - bad turf wicket, jet lag, climate change, etc. However, the combination of some Everest players teaming up with some from London Heathrow (LHR) Cargo against the KLM club stemmed the tide of defeat, as LHR came out the winners.

All this was a prelude to the Air Canada annual cricket tournament at the Bedmont ground. Competing for the championship were LHR Cargo, the ACE Cricket Club of Montreal and the Commissary and Baggage teams along with Everest group.

Facing each other in the finals were LHR Cargo and Everest, "and, yes, once again, we lost," noted Hinsley who scored the most runs for his team while J. Oakley chalked up most wickets for LHR.

tmb lhr cargo cricket teamThe LHR Cargo team is shown after the Everest Cup game.

Front row, from the left, are: C.Turner, G. Aitken, M. Hopkins, M. Hawkins and T. Welch.

Standing, from the left, are: S. O'Farrel, G. Smith, T. Bell, S. Woods and J. Oakley.

tmb everst cricket teamThe Everest team is shown following its victory as Everest Cup champions.

Front row, from the left, are: C. Kyte, J. Budhoo, Hinsley Cambridge and David Solomon.

Standing, from the left, are: K. Ross, Maximum Richards, K. Dennis, (club Treasurer), Shamboo Sharma, C. Gullin (V.P.), C. Eastman and J. lreland (Secretary). 

Note: Does the Air Canada Cricket team still exist? – eds

Issue dated April 2013. (Used with permission)

Calgary employees rescue driver in fuel truck.

Just before 8 p.m. on March 10, 2013 a fuel truck containing close to 10,000 litres of jet fuel rolled, landing onto its side near Gate 17 at Calgary International Airport (YYC) —a mere 60 feet from one of our aircraft.

First on the scene were Lead Station Attendant Simon Loesche, and his team, Station Attendants Kaitlyn Code and Stephen Hill. All three were working at the adjacent gate and they immediately sprang into action when they heard the truck roll over.

Here we have this photo of the crew, left to right: Kaitlyn Code, Stephen Hill and Simon Loesche.
tmb 550 calgary rescuers

Issue dated May 2013. (Used with permission)

Service anniversaries were celebrated in the Passenger Office at London, England during 2013.

In our photo, from the left: Kim Dalrymple-Smith, Debbie Scully, Sylvie Evans, Shirley Andrews, Lynn Hall, Russ Baldwin, Anne Wachira and Miguel Ordonez-Marin.
  lhr service awards

Issue dated July 1986.

Bombay staff completes studies.

Customer Service Agents in Bombay participated in an intensive training program, conducted by Mike Dwelly, Passenger Training and Development Supervisor, Europe and Asia.

During the day, Mike trained ten students in the complexities of fares and ticketing. And, as if that wasn't enough, the trainees spent their evenings in the reservations office working on CRT sets.

In the photo Mike is shown, centre rear, surrounded by the Bombay Customer Service Agents.

From the left are: Charan Notani, Yezdi Divecha, Vijay Ullal, Simone Ginwalla, Mike Dwelly, Shamira Reubens, Ashwini Malhotra, Melissa Drego, Carol D'Souza, Ashutosh Handa and Ganeadhar Krishna.
tmb 550 bombay studies

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