1986 - September 8 - service between Dallas-Fort Worth and Toronto was discontinued.

1987 - April 26 - Air Canada was the first North American airline to introduce the concept of non-smoking flights in the U.S. with service to New York and Newark.

horizons logoClick the icon for a look back at TCA/Air Canada historical images at Toronto Malton (YYZ). This is a 4 minute slideshow.

tmb air laurent 1993 1418Here we have this Air Laurentian timetable issued September 6, 1993. 

From the David Zekria collection at timetableimages.com

horizons logoFound in the "Horizons" magazine.
Issue August 1986.
Air Canada launched a high-frequency helicopter shuttle service linking Terminal II at Pearson International Airport to downtown Toronto, with a travel time of less than 10 minutes.

The service was being operated for Air Canada by Ranger Helicopters, Canada. Service began on August 11, 1986.
tmb 550 helicopter shuttle

Air Canada was the first international carrier to serve Chicago with DC-3 equipment on July 2, 1946.

tmb chicago celebratesIn this photo we have Tony Figueirdo, Manager, Midwest U.S. cutting the anniversary cake.

Looking on are Pat Moore, Airport Manager, Chicago, left, and Diane Kleinman, Catering Services Coordinator.

Staff welcome Gauvreau.

Gaston Gauvreau. Vice President, Sales and Service - International, paid a visit to the airport staff in San Francisco. He discussed Air Canada's current plans and outlook for 1987.

The spirit of salesmanship thrives in San Francisco where airport staff have instituted an 'Intercept' program. Passengers flying one of Air Canada's routes but on a competitive carrier are encouraged to try us out the next time.

In the photo in the back row are, from the left: Gaston Gauvreau, Kevin Poitras, John Rimel, Lynn Gosney, Jim Gould, Susan Grohulski and Neville Fong.

Standing in the front are: Janet Pugh, Teresa Hoskins, Elizabeth Koch, Sharon Lysek and Ahmet Eracar.
tmb 550 sfo welcomes gauvreau

The second annual meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of the Pionairs, Victoria district was held during spring 1986 at the home of Alison Brown.

The auxiliary extended a warm welcome to all women Pionairs in the area to join in the group's social activities.

The newly elected officers were: Peggy Davies, Chairman; Kath Lockhart, Vice-Chairman; Ida Cadrain, Secretary; Dorothy Buss, Treasurer & Membership; Mary Held, Publicity; Alison Brown, Dining out Convener and Fran Butler, Bridge Instruction. (Note: Does this group still exist? - eds)

Issue dated September 1986.

In true 50th anniversary spirit, Calgary employees went all out this year in designing and building a float for the city's Stampede parade.

tmb yyc anniversary floatThe custom-designed 767 had a 10-metre wingspan and was 12 metres long. It featured a cockpit, Executive Class seats and a gigantic birthday cake.

Judy Vitek, a Customer Sales and Service Agent in the reservations office, came up with the award winning design.

Jim Ballingall, who headed up the float committee, estimates that it took the core of volunteers 750 man-hours to build it.

Among those involved in the project were Mechanics Ray Rutherford, Viv Lloyd, Scott Fairbairn and Earl Fried, not to mention all those who decorated the float and rode in the parade.

The group effort paid off. The float met with enthusiastic applause and was named the best in the parade. In the photo the aircraft and crew cruise through downtown Calgary.

President Pierre Jeanniot went to Bombay in 1986 and met with all the employees there.

The Indian subcontinental station, which began operations with 20 employees, in 1986 boasts 50, all of whom lent a hand for the small reception held in the President's honour.

Photographed here are Customer Service Agents Elaine D'Souza, Melissa Hancock, Pierre Jeanniot, Carolyn D'Souza and Melissa Drego.

tmb 550 bombay visit

Issue dated April 1987.

Among those who ran in the 1986 W.A.R.R. road race were:

Back row from the left: Gerry Cassan, Leonard Scharbach, Dave Beauchamps, Bob Grist, Peter Morrls, Jlm Weedon, Tlm MacDonald, Bruce Scott and Jacques Souliere.

In the front row from the left: Jlm Batten, Harry Sulley, Bruce Milmine, Christie Guirgis and Gillian Sinclair.

tmb 550 warr 1986 runners

Issue dated June 2013. (Used with permission).

On May 9, 2013, Air Canada became the first airline in Canada, and in many respects, the first airline outside the United States to take full advantage of a special kind of investment certificate for aircraft financing.

This type of certificate, known as an Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificate (EETC), provides airlines with access to less costly financing in the US capital markets, and is very popular in the United States, but brand new in Canada.

Shown in this photo are - left to right, front: Helen Kotsovos, Director Financing in Treasury; Anna Maria Masciotra, Senior Counsel and Managing Attorney, and David Perez, Assistant General Counsel.

Back: Pierre Houle, Treasurer (left) and Theodore Colombo, Counsel

tmb 550 aircraft financing

tmb gift cardOn May 30, 2013 Air Canada became the first airline in Canada to launch a true retail gift card program.

Available as a traditional physical gift card or as an electronic gift card (eGift Card), Air Canada Gift Cards can be purchased in Canadian or US dollar denominations with values from $25.

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