canadian flyer 200wSome extracts from "Pros and cons of summer travel" by Louise Ingram in the "Canadian Flyer" magazine issued June 1997.

A quick reference of helpful hints to ease the woes of standby travel this summer. By adhering to the pass travel policies, employees can help to reduce delays at the airport that may be caused by clearing standby travellers.

  • Ensure that you are listed for the flight.
  • Take time to check your flight before going to the airport.
  • Be prepared with back-up overnight accommodation if you are away from your home base.
  • Advise your parents and companions that the loads are extremely heavy and they may not get on.
  • If possible do not travel on a weekend.
  • Adhere to the carry-on luggage policy. Remember employees are usually the last to be boarded and the overhead bins may be full.
  • Check in early according to the recommended times for your flight.
  • Purchase your back-up ZED tickets prior to travelling.
  • Check your boarding pass to ensure your correct priority has been assigned.
  • Adhere to the company dress code and ensure that your dependents, parents and companions are aware of the regulations.
  • Study the face of the check-in agent searching for any signs of encouragement.
  • Try not to panic when the check-in agent frowns at the computer screen.
  • In the departure lounge search out other standbys. In the old days you could spot a fellow employee usually dressed for church.
  • You're on: You've got a seat number you're heading down the bridge to the aircraft. Your step is light and you are grinning from ear to ear.

Then you hear an employee in front of you say that all return flights are fully booked for the next two weeks.

Enjoy your vacation!

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