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L-1011 TriStar - Brief Return 1994

NetLetter reader, Dave Wall, submitted the following:

"I enjoyed your recent articles about the 1011 and noted the history file after clicking on the link in the text.

I can add updates info on three of the aircraft:

Fins 504, 507 & 512 were all returned to AC service from the desert in the spring of 1994 and flew exclusively on YZ-VR & YZ-LAX until Jan 1996. This was done at the direction of Hollis Harris who was a 1011 fan.

I flew all three back to the desert at Marana in Jan 1996. Then in April 1996 I returned to do a demo test flight in 512 as part of its sale to Air Transat which was completed at that time.

Cheers, Dave Wall

Dave also submitted the picture in the header of this issue with CF-TCC sitting beneath the wing of C-FTNG (Fin 507).

Dave's comments on the photo:

"We staged it one day in 1995 (I think) when the old 10A was in Toronto. I sent a framed copy to Hollis and got a nice note." 

I have fond personal memories of this time period that Dave refers to. I was commuting regularly between YYZ & YVR while awaiting a permanent transfer and frequently flew on these aircraft. I remember that it was necessary to upgrade the interiors and livery to the new image, however, I do not recall the specific reason that they were brought out of the desert and briefly returned to service. 

I often registered on flights with the aircraft simply because I enjoyed flying on them and I knew that they would soon leave the fleet forever.  The power of the RB-211 engines could be felt on take off and I distinctly remember watching the ceiling light panels vibrate during take off. On one flight from YVR, there was an ice storm in YYZ that had us circling Detroit for almost an hour until being diverted to YUL. 

C-FTNC (Fin # 507) & C-FTNL (Fin # 512) would later join the Air Transat fleet. It seems that C-FTND was returned to the desert and broken up in 2000. 

Additional references:

NetLetter # 1344

NetLetter # 1417 

Below is C-FTNC in Air Transat livery photographed by Pedro Arag√£o.

c ftng air transat