Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International announced a new high technology joint venture to integrate the computer reservations and electronic distribution systems of both carriers and to market the new system domestically and internationally. The joint venture is effective June 1, 1987.

The president and chief executive officer of the new venture is Paul Nelson, who leaves his position as Vice President, Information Systems at Canadian Airlines International and Anne Bodnarchuk, is the new company's chairman and Air Canada Vice President, Computer & Systems Service.

(Source: AC Horizons magazine issue May 1987)

nationair timetable 1988NATIONAIR CANADA founded 1986 ceased operations 1993, from bases in Montreal and Toronto, with seasonal bases in Quebec City as well as flights out of Hamilton, Ontario to London, England. At one point, Nationair was Canada's third largest airline, after Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International.

This timetable effective November 1988 from the collection of David Zekria.

Below we have a ticket issued in 1990.


tmb 550 nationair ticket 1990

tmb quebecair timetable 1958QUEBECAIR began as Rimouski Airlines in 1947 and flew under that name until it merged with Gulf Aviation in 1953 under the name Quebecair.

The year 1985 was a very difficult year for Quebecair as the airline industry in Canada was restructuring. The financial situation at the carrier forced the Quebec government, which had owned the airline for a several years, to sell the company to CP Air in July 1986.

Here is the timetable issued April 30, 1958 from the collection of David Zekria.

Below we have this ticket issued in 1983.


tmb quebecair ticket 1963

tmb cf bhuHaving begun with CPA late in 1945, Norseman V CF-BHU later served Territories Air Service and Associated Airways 1949-55, then it moved to PWA, where it is shown in a typical winter setting. CF-BHU ended with Ontario Central Airlines of Kenora.

On June 19, 1974 it crashed disastrously at Sachigo Lake, a native reserve in far Northwestern Ontario. Date, place and photographer is unknown.

(Source: via Larry Milberry/CANAV Books)

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