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Continuing the Time Travel: 75 Years in Events. Started in NetLetter #1419.

1943 -

tmb cf cmxThe hazardous Atlantic route is first charted during the Second World War because the need for supplies can't be fully met by sea. TCA's first crossing is a 12-hour-and-26-minute flight from Montreal to Prestwick, Scotland, on July 22, 1943. An unarmed Lancaster – a military aircraft converted for civilian use – carries three passengers on official government business and 2,600 pounds of mail for the army men.

1944 -

On November 7, 1944, TCA manages to convince both the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to establish their headquarters in Montreal. TCA President H.J. Symington is named president of IATA in 1945.

(Source: moments.aircanada.com/timeline)

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tmb 001 1941Here we have the front cover of the “Between Ourselves” magazine first issue in December 1941.

Below are covers from March to June of 1943.

tmb 003 Mar 1943 tmb 004 Apr 1943 
  tmb 005 May 1943   tmb 006 Jun 1943

Issue dated January 1988.

Joe takes a bow.

One of Air Canada's longest running acts in New York ended with the retirement of  Joe Pareti, Passenger Sales Manager, New York.

Joe's entire 31-year Air Canada career was spent in the airline’s New York District, beginning at Idlewild Airport (now JFK) and culminating with a five-year stint as Passenger Sales Manager.
However. Joe left his heart in New Jersey, where he became known as "Mr. Air Canada" during the many years he represented the company as Sales Manager and where he and his family resided.

All of Joe's sales staff were on hand to bid him farewell at a retirement reception held in the New York Office of the Canadian Consulate General.

In the photo are, from the left: Carol Zoeller. Sales Manager, Philadelphia; Brian Reid. Sales Representative, New York; Joyce Glowachuk, Sales Manager, New Jersey; Anthony Brucato, Sales Representative. New York; Josephine Serrano, Customer Relations Representative, New York; Joe Pareti, Passenger Sales Manager, New York; Chris Pearson, Sectetary, New York; Dave Crisman. Airport Manager. Boston (formerly Sales Representative. New York); Linda Henderson, Sales Representative. New York; Ron Schneider, Sales Manager, Washington and Conrad Karsen, Sales Representative, New York.

tmb 550 joe takes a bow

horizons logoExtracted from the “Horizons” magazine.

Issue dated July 1991.

TCA Alumni Reunion.

The 20th annual reunion of the TCA Alumni was due to be held from November 12 to 15, 1991 at the Breckenridge Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

Issue dated May 1987.

Anniversary ambassadors for the 50th anniversary of the company. Company ambassadors from all stations around the world joined Chairman Claude Taylor and President Pierre Jeanniot at an official ceremony in Ottawa to mark the airline's 50th anniversary on April 10, 1987.

tmb 550 anniversary ambassadors

The Ambassadors.

Austria - Renate Andretta, Belgium - Georgette Mosselmans, Boston - Gary Blouin, Calgary - Stella Leblanc, Caribbean - Lorna Lord, Charlottetown - David Spence, Chicago -Tom Markley, Edmonton - Val Klose, England - Lynn Noake, France - Michel Schott, Fredericton - Carman Burns, Gander - Stella Downey, Germany - Helmut Langenbahn, Greece - Maree Mavromicali-Tamvaco, Halifax - Sheila Taylor, Hong Kong - Debbie Tse, lndia - Carolyn DeSouza, Ireland - Elaine Fitzpatrick, Japan - Reiko Sonoyama, London - Rhonda Manore, Los Angeles - Christine Monette, Miami - Victor Gutierrez, Moncton - Lorraine Mcswain, Montreal - Manjit Singh, Roger Saumure and Leroy Edwards. New York -Steve McCarthy, Jean Rivera and Susan Deppe, North Bay - Margaret Moody, Ottawa - Jeanie Peppy, Quebec - Louis Alain, Regina - Cam Guest, Rouyn - Michel Gauthier, Saint John - John Mihichuk, St John's - Selby Legiow, San Francisco - Jim Christie, Saskatoon - Gerard Tetreault, Sault Ste. Marie - C. Kennedy, Scandinavia - Eva Lotta Drake, Scotland - David Auld, Seattle - R. Johnson, Sept-Iles - Denis Landry, Singapore - Sandra Kumary, Stephenville - Kevin Walsh, Sudbury - Leo Moreau, Switzerland - Ruth Mueller, Sydney - Rodger Mackenzie, Tampa - Anthony Gonzalez, Thunder Bay - Jack Brown, Timmins - Shirley Facca, Toronto - Reta Mananca and Frank Phillips, Val d'Or - Stuart Nye, Vancouver - Chris Dubeau and John Fitzgibbon, Victoria - Rosemary Bradley, Windsor - Nicole Zangari, Winnipeg - John Shead and Theresa Oye, Yarmouth - Richard Congdon.

The ninth annual Air Canada Employees' (A.C.E.) Fly-in took place on Saturday June 27, 1987 at Glen and Sharon Down’s farm airstrip 60 miles northwest of Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

President makes Southern stops.

On hand to meet President Jeanniot in Kingston, Jamaica are back row, from the left: Sheila Ross, Donnet Soares, Dione Hall, Marva Lee and Livingston White.

In the front row are, from the left: Em Wadden, Neena Henry, Rilla Stoddart, Eileen Mahoney, Marlene Leon, Laurel Vassall and the President. 
tmb 550 kingston staff
While in Nassau, the President met with the staff. In the back row, from the left: Z.W. Bethel, Norma Turnquest, Lenny White and Helen Albury.

In the front row, from the left: Fairie Kraft, Jennifer Cates, Jeanniot, Donna Marie Sherman and Greg Tai.
tmb 550 nassau staff

Vienna shares the spirit.

Air Canada's newest European destination, Vienna gets into the anniversary spirit at a party in the new office.

From the left are: U. Bandi, L. Hingyi, I. Stingl, M. Schwinghammer, J. Mandl, A Hanbauer, C. Lenz, Horst Wurm and G. Strobl.

tmb 550 vienna staff