From the Burt collection here are these well-taken photos of more modern airliners at Edmonton.

First, CPA Lockheed Lodestar CF-CPA and Boeing 247 CF-BVF with an RCAF Oxford in the left background, then, an unknown post-WWII CPA DC-3. 

(Source: "via Larry Milberry/CANAV Books".)

tmb cf cpa cf bvf 01 tmb cf cpa cf bvf 02

Gemini Group named.

(Source: AC "Horizons" magazine issue dated September 1987.

Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International announced that the joint name for the joint venture company formed to integrate their computer reservations and electronic distribution systems is the Gemini Group - Automated Distribution Systems Inc.

"The integration of the two carriers' systems - Reservec and Pegasus - will form Canada's most effective reservations and distribution network," said Paul Nelson, the company's president and chief executive officer.

He pointed out that the combined efficiencies and capabilities of the two networks will strengthen Canadian ownership of electronic distribution systems and provide a competitive alternative to existing U.S. systems.

1987 Wardair advert.

Big Seat Service.

tmb Wardair advWardair's Big Seat service is designed for today's busy traveller.

Here, in a separate smoke free environment, you can work and relax in comfort with extra width, extra leg-room and extra-deep cushioning of a business style seat.


Service to Orient marks 20th birthday.

CP Air marked 20 years of service to the Orient September 19, 1969 when flight 401 departed for Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Aboard the anniversary flight, piloted by Captain Mel Lee, was Miss CP Air 20, Shesh Wallace, bearing letters of greeting from Vancouver's mayor to the Governor of Tokyo and other dignitaries.

Fluently bilingual in English and Japanese, Miss Wallace was chosen to symbolize two decades of accord between Canada and Japan. Captain Lee, who piloted the DC-8-63 Spacemaster Empress of Honolulu on the historic flight, is a CP Air veteran of 27 years.

He was one of the original pilots trained for the Orient run and has logged some 22,000 air hours. The first Canada-Orient flight, with a Canadair Four aircraft travelled the 6,670 miles to Tokyo and Hong Kong in 30 hours via Anchorage and Shemya. Today the same flight takes less than 15 hours including the stop at Tokyo.

(Source: CP Air Newsletter issue October 1969)

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