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1945 - Tuning radio frequencies

June 1945 marks the introduction of ultramodern Very High Frequency (VHF) radio units into service between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, making static interference and blackouts a thing of the past.

TCA is the first airline to make VHF standard at all ground stations. Other sophisticated navigational systems developed during the war help plot more accurate courses and can be used in all weather conditions, making “over weather” flying a reality.

1946 - Hot meals hit the skies.

When TCA introduces hot meals aboard its Douglas DC-3, passengers are able to choose from a menu of scrambled eggs, assorted cold meats, and casseroles heated in yellow mess tins and served on porcelain plates. Cereal, fruit juice and salads arrive in paper containers.


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tmb 550 hot meals introduced

Here we have more front covers of the “Between Ourselves” magazine from July through December 1943.
tmb 007 Jul 1943 tmb 008 Aug 1943
tmb 009 Sep 1943 tmb 010 Oct 1943
tmb 011 Nov 1943 tmb 012 Dec 1943

horizons logoExtracted from the "Horizons" magazine.

Issue dated June 1987.

tmb bonny higneyBonny hired at Halifax. 

Managing and maneuvering heavy rolling stock may not be every person's work preference, but for Bonny Higney it’s a matter of doing what you feel you can do best.

Bonny is one of the hires at the airline's cargo terminal complex at Halifax International Airport and is the first female Cargo Station Attendant in Atlantic Canada.

She joins an ever growing list of people who are choosing non-traditional jobs in the airline industry. Though Bonny admits to having felt a bit uncomfortable at first, she is now a full-fledged member of the cargo team and is shown at the controls of an electric fork lift.

tmb miami anniversary 707Miami -

Employees at Miami International Airport took a few minutes off to enjoy a piece of the 50th anniversary cake.

In the photo are, at the rear: Joan Kaye, Customer Service Agent and Gilda Llaurado-Lopez, Secretary.

In the front row are, from the left: Customer Service Agents Jackie Pineda and Charlotte Fuller-Bourdier; Ray Stephens, Purser and Customer Service Agents Grace Mancuso and Monique Gkikas.

tmb port of spain anniversaryPort of Spain. 

Air Canada and tourism industry representatives for Trinidad and Tobago joined in celebrating the airline's 50th birthday at a reception in Port of Spain.

In the photo are: Heathcliff West, Customer Service Agent and Indranee Maharaj, Senior Customer Service Agent, slice into the cake.

Looking on are, from the left; Emanuel Gibbons, Customer Service Manager; Richard Reid, Captain and John Pluthero, Manager Trinidad and Tobago.

tmb sept iles staffSept-Iles celebrates.

The airline's 50th anniversary was a memorable event across the system, including Sept-lles, Where employees celebrated at a special dinner.

Standing in front of a cake provided by the airport restaurant 'la Renaissance' are, from the left: Harvey Steever, Michel Dubé, Helene Féquet, Alain Cloutier, Néri Cormier and Marc Cloutier. Also present was Paul Marcil of the Quebec District office.

Unable to attend were: Denis Landry, who was in Ottawa representing the station at the 50th anniversary party; Eddie Dionne and Johnny Gaudreau.

The Air Canada Pionairs' 10th Annual General Meeting held at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, California May 21 through May 24, 1987. Close to 700 retirees will confirm that it was a resounding success.

Executives for 1986 included - Frank Dunlop - President, Ray White - Treasurer.

Executive for 1987/9 - Mike Lewicki of Winnipeg as President; Jack Charles as 1st Vice President; Jack Mosher as 2nd Vice President; Ken Eselmont as Treasurer and Georgina Stephenson as Secretary.

District Directors - George Dimas - Montreal; Peter Nuttall, south western Ontario; Art Scott, Ottawa;

Issue dated July 1987.

Helicopter service ends.

Air Canada's helicopter service, which started operation in August, 1986, between Pearson International Airport and downtown Toronto was discontinued.

Issue dated August 1987.

A team of eight Air Canada cycling enthusiasts from Passenger Sales, Reservations and the airport, together with an independent TV crew participated in the London-Brighton Bike Ride and helped raise about $2,000 for the British Heart Foundation.

Air Canada participants included: Tony Dunn, Passenger Sales and Service Manager; Geoffrey Beckett, Area Sales Manager; Robert Boulert, Travicom Coordinator; Gerry Petts, Supervisor, Passenger Office; Passenger Agents Kevin Thompson, Faith Tie, Andrew Gardner and Mike Dwelly, Training and Development Supervisor.

With the support of family and friends the Air Canada party numbered 20.

Issue dated February 1988.

Old gang gets together.

More than 200 members of the TCA Alumni gathered at the Breckenridge Resort on St. Pete's Beach for the 16th annual 'Beach Bash'.

Last-minute support was forthcoming when Art Ander, from his boat moored at the Maximo Marina, contacted such TCA stalwarts as Herb Seagrim and Lindy Rood, who promptly rallied round with Nancy and Tod by their sides.

This and a bunch of TCA's "old" original captains and their spouses helped swell the numbers. At the one and only breakfast/business meeting, TCA Alumni's President, Malcolm Macdougall, gave his report and announced that Gord and Marjorie Smith, the V.P. and Social Director were resigning from the Executive Committee.

Walter and Stephanie Chopp were co-opted to fill the vacant posts for 1988 and a nominating committee was set up to provide a complete new slate of officers for consideration at the 1988 meeting, then came the fashion show which featured some Alumni members as models.

Nan and Merv Walchuk, Joe Larimer and "old whatshisname", all naturals at the modelling game and their efforts were appreciated by all.

Gord Smith handled the draws for the numerous prizes at both the business meeting and the final banquet. Walt Bailey won the Samsonite suitcase presented by enRoute and June Morris won the weekend for two presented by the hotel.

John McFarland won $139 in the 50/50 draw. The weather was ideal for the final banquet on the beachfront patio. Dining and dancing in the warm and romantic atmosphere of palm trees, stars and the moonlit waters of the Gulf was a suitable finale to yet another successful get-together for long-time TCA/Air Canada friends. Here's to the next time, old friends!

Reported by Malcolm Macdougall.

(No photo accompanied this article - eds)

A B-747 Combi aircraft has been added to our fleet and will be used on the global route as of February 21, 1988.

This Combi, previously owned by Qantas and acquired by Air Canada on an operating lease basis, will bolster our current "jumbo" fleet of three B-747 aircraft and two B-747 Combis. This brings our operational fleet to a total of 109 aircraft.

The Combi has been chosen for the global route because of its capacity. The B-747C can carry 50 more passengers (6 more in F, 30 more in J and 14 more in Y) and 11,340 kgs (25000 lbs) more cargo than the L-1011-500.

During the Combi's delivery flight from Sydney, January 1988, our Vice President of Flight Operations, Captain Charlie Simpson, along with Captain Earl Doyle and Second Officer Dave Morrison recorded a commercial aviation 'first' by flying non-stop on the Honolulu-Montreal leg of the journey. The flight time from Honolulu to Montreal (7500 kilometres, 4660 miles) was eight hours and 26 minutes, another record which has been registered and acknowledged by the Fédération Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).

For many people, the thought of travelling around the world is a marvellous fantasy to dream about on a cold winter's day. But for a group of 120 Canadians, this trip of a lifetime became a reality last November 1987, when they boarded their airborne luxury liner — an Air Canada 747 — for their around-the world cruise, with such exotic ports of call as Australia, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Kathmandu, the Seychelles and Vienna.

Although most of these destinations had never before welcomed an Air Canada plane, the airline is no stranger to many faraway places. This is the third year that Air Canada and P. Lawson Travel, Canada's largest travel organization, have put together an around-the-world voyage.
tmb 550 b747 ex qantas

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