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CAIL passengers butt out.

Canadian Airlines International has announced a non-smoking program on all 66 of its fleet of B-737 aircraft operating scheduled flights in North America.

The decision, which comes four months after the company publically expressed opposition to forcing in-flight smokers to butt out, affects 99% of scheduled services in North America.

(Source: AC "Horizons" magazine issue September 1987).

Early 1947/8 CPA Information - Leg-up for Freighters.

The Bristol Freighter G-AGVC, which made a tour of the Americas in 1946, went straight into service with Canadian Pacific Airlines at the end of the tour. During the hard winter it was landing on the frozen Knob Lake, Labrador, in a blizzard and damaged an undercarriage leg.

A transatlantic telephone call to Bristol’s followed, and a new leg was sent off to Heathrow over ice-bound roads. There the leg was put onboard a Trans-Canada aircraft, flown to Montreal, transferred to another aircraft which took it to Knob Lake, where it was fitted to the Freighter by mechanics working all night. The next day it was flown off the lake ice.

( - 0520.html)

Canadian Pacific Airlines have purchased a fleet of Canadair Four aircraft to operate on the company's new trans-Pacific services.

Operations over the North Pacific to Tokyo and Shanghai, and through the South Pacific to Australia via Hawaii, are also contemplated. The initial order is for four aircraft and spare parts, deliveries of which are scheduled to commence early in 1949.

(Source: - 1255.html)

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