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Although, quite appropriately, Remembrance Day primarily honours veterans of military combat, I would like to write about the role of the military for shaping so many young lives for decades in a variety of vocations. I have never served in the military myself, but I have always had great respect for those who have.

When I began my Air Canada career (in 1980), most of the maintenance personnel I got to work with had received their initial training in the military. Before the growth of community colleges, this is where the best education was available.

Not only were these people competent and professional, all of them seemed to have personal discipline and integrity that showed in how they went about their work.

When I began studying computer science, I leaned about people like American Rear Admiral Grace M. Hopper who was a pioneer, in the 1940’s, of much of the technology that is widely in use today.

Today, I spend a few evenings a week playing cards in a couple of Royal Canadian Legions in the Fraser Valley area of British Columba. Most of the buildings are old and could use a few upgrades but they are all full of friendship and pride in history preserved within their walls.

I found a short quiz on The Canadian Encyclopedia site as well as a very good condensed history of military aviation in Canada.

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