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Something so beautiful for Christmas

May I ask for your patience while I am a little self indulgent? 

For the past few years, Alan Rust and I got together every Wednesday at the Kent Street Activity Centre (for seniors) in White Rock, British Columbia. We were both members of the Computer Club seniors' activity group where we enjoyed the company of fellow 'geeks' as well as other airline retirees (many of whom have settled in White Rock / South Surrey area in retirement).

I continue to frequent KSAC, as I am involved with a few committees, but it has not been the same since Alan's passing last April. I appreciate being socially active in retirement but, unfortunately, hearing about the loss of friends and colleagues seems to be all too frequent.

Each December, KSAC hosts a 'Mistletoe Luncheon' which takes place in the auditorium with excellent food prepared by the kitchen, entertainment and prizes. It is always well attended by over 100 seniors and even the current mayor of White Rock.

Children from the local elementary school are invited and their numbers have been increasing steadily every year. This year 160 children entered the auditorium and lined up around the perimeter of the room.  Accompanied by one of the teachers on guitar they sang three songs for us and the sound of their voices was absolutely beautiful. After they finished "We are the World", the centre director stepped up to the microphone and asked if there was still a dry eye in the house; there wasn't.

The children were then allowed to mingle among the seniors and present us with candy canes and their handcrafted Christmas decorations. They enjoyed their time with us and were still smiling and waving as they lined up for the walk back to class.

This is what Christmas should feel like, something so beautiful.