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Air Canada’s '4th' DC - 9

I first researched the DC–9 fleet in NL #1342 and, while digging around the internet for this article, I found out that Air Canada’s first (fin numbered) DC–9, fin # 701 – Registration CF-TLB – Douglas line # 4, has not yet been scrapped and is now stored in Nairobi, Kenya. Click Here to view.

It spent only a short time in the Air Canada fleet before being sold back to McDonnell Douglas and then leased to several airlines (including Finnair, pictured in header) over the next 45 years. It is last shown as flying for Fly540 as late as 2010.

Please note: Despite its fin number, 701 was not the first DC–9 delivered to Air Canada; it was delivered in April 1966 and was, in fact, the fourth.

Fin 702 was delivered in January 1966 followed by fins 703 & 704 in February.

tmb 550 5y xxb
Registration 5Y-XXB (formerly CF-TLB) 

by Guido Potter