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Ontarians should be aware of this change to OHIP -

It's a new year — and that means provincial changes to OHIP have kicked in, leaving Ontarians travelling outside Canada without built in, out-of-country health insurance.

(Source: MSNews January 2, 2020)

Also: www.cbc.ca

Another abandoned airport - Floyd Bennett Field, New York, USA

Formerly one of New York’s major airports, Floyd Bennett Field is synonymous with the exploits of Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes. Its glory days over, it was replaced by Newark Airport in New Jersey. Although these days it is a public park, it retains some of the historic buildings that were part of the airport.

Source: www.skyscanner.net/news

tmb 550 flyod bennet field

Easy travel with an electric scooter.

tmb scooterIs the thought of long corridors at the airport or the cruise terminal putting you off from travelling?

Travelling with an electric scooter on a plane may seem daunting to organize, but today you can have the independence and freedom to travel wherever you like. Today's portable lightweight electric mobility scooters make it a breeze to reach your gate or cabin.

When travelling by air, inform the airline that you will be travelling with an electric scooter and provide the dimensions/weight charger cord and battery type.

(Source: Wellness News  - November 2019 and MyeMuza.ca)

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