1987 -

April - Inauguration of service between Toronto - Newark, New Jersey

1989 -

April 2 - Air Canada became the only carrier to provide non-stop service between Toronto and Zurich. The route was served by L-1011-500 aircraft, featuring First, Executive and Hospitality service.

April 3 - Inauguration of service between Montreal - Newark, New Jersey with DC-9 equipment.

April 26 - Inauguration of service between Toronto-Montreal-Athens, Greece - 767-200 equipment.

enroute nov 2010Here is the cover of the enRoute magazine issued November 2010.

(Source: issuu.com)

Continuing the Time Travel: 75 Years in Events. Started in NetLetter #1419.

Making the first flight recorder.

tmb black boxThe multi channel flight recorder is pioneered by Trans-Canada Air Lines and installed on DC-8 and Vanguard aircraft in the early 1960's.

This leads to the development of the more powerful multi-channel recording system, commonly known as the "Black Box."

Hello, In Flight Magazine!

tmb in flight magazineIn April 1958, TCA launches its first inflight magazine, a 16-page leaflet called "In Flight".

It is the ancestor of today's "en Route" Air Canada's award-winning travel and lifestyle magazine. The first cover story featured the Matterhorn, a glamorous, exotic European travel destination. 

(Source: moments.aircanada.com/timeline)

tmb 550 between ourselves emblem

Issue dated December 1954. 

tmb dust that thumbThe receptionists at London airport (LHR) have undoubtedly offered their shoulders for crying purposes to, as they so aptly put it, "those poor lost souls" trying to plus out from the UK to UL.

For they have composed and dedicated to those same souls the following song, which goes to the tune of "Three Coins in the Fountain."

Three cons up to Prestwick,
Each one hoping for a seat,
How wonderful 'twould be,
To have a first class seat.
Which one is it going to be?
Which one of the lucky three?

I MUST get to Prestwick,
Oh! the urgency is great,
He'll NOT wait forever,
If they bump me it's too late.

The next stop is UL,
Had to split the day before,
Sure hope he'll be waiting,
For ME at Montreal.
Will he wait?
NO he won't,
Yes he will!!

(We will never know if she/he did make it or not! – eds)


tmb 550 horizons

Issue dated October 1985.

The ultimate in comfort.

tmb ultimate comfortOn October 7, 1985 the first reconfigured aircraft featuring new luxurious seats in the first class cabin went into service.

At the same time, the number of seats is being reduced to 10 from 18, making Air Canada the first airline in the world to offer five abreast seating in the B-767 first class cabin.

Issue dated November 1985.

The seventh annual A.C.E. fly-in was a huge success.

More than 46 aircraft converged on the Brennan farm north of Toronto, and the 1,000 spectators were entertained both on the ground and from above.

Although ominous clouds threatened to dampen the gathering early in the day, the sun broke through by mid-afternoon and the airshow went on without a hitch.

Issue dated February 1989.

In an effort to strengthen its domestic network against intensifying competition and use its DC-9 fleet more productively, Air Canada has announced changes to its regional networks in Atlantic Canada and Quebec.

These changes, which are effective June 17, 1989 will result in the closure ol four stations including Stephenville, Gander, Sydney and Sept-Iles.

Air Nova will increase its services on Sydney - Halifax, Gander - St. John's and Halifax - Deer Lake routes, using Dash-8 and BAe 146 jet aircraft. And it will also begin daily service between Gander - Deer Lake and Montreal, using BAe 146 jets.

In Quebec, Air Alliance will introduce two additional flights on the Sept-lles - Quebec - Montreal corridor, bringing to three the number of services operated on the route.

Issue dated March 1989.

Candace Boyer sent in this -

tmb deicing sfo styleWhen temperatures in San Francisco dropped below freezing our colleagues found themselves in an unusual situation.

Our aircraft, which had overnighted on the tarmac, had ice on the wings and, it goes without saying, SFO does not have any kind of de-icing equipment.

Ramp Coordinator Mike Garzouzi took matters in his own hands and simply swept the problem away with nothing more than common sense and a broom.

Calgary In-Flight Service marks 10th anniversary.

Bernie Miller, Vice President, In-Flight Service presented the group with a special plaque from Chairman Claude I. Taylor and President and Chief Executive Officer Pierre J. Jeanniot in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by IFS Calgary Base.

Calgary's In-Flight Service base marked its 10th anniversary in grand fashion. More than 150 guests attended the celebration which included a buffet dinner and skit depicting the transformation of a rookie flight attendant to a 10-year veteran.

(Can anyone provide a photo of the plaque for our readers to share - eds)

tmb 550 yyc inflt celebrates

Issue dated April 1989.

Flight Attendant class of 1989. 

 tmb 550 new fas 1

Here was the second Flight Attendant course held in 1989. 
 tmb 550 new fas 2

New York staff send festive greetings.

On New Year's Eve 1988,
LaGuardia staff on duty got together for a family photo.

tmb 550 new york staff

Issue dated May 1989.

Here, in this photo, are the ACRA Presidents and System Events Chairmen or their representatives for 1989.

In the back row, from left to right are:

Joe Holmes, Bowling; Barb Pike, Saint John (N.B.); Shelley Williams, Saskatoon; Larry Lee, London (Ont.); Alexander Au, St. John's (Nfld.); Wolfi Peise, Frankfurt; Dan Bradley, Calgary; Richard Jackson, Badminton; Ron Charbonneau, Tennis; Fern Villemaire, Montreal; Garth McAdoo, Curling; Randy Johnson, Darts and Les Edge, A.C.E Fly-ln.

In the second row, in the same order, are:

Gordon Graham, Halifax; Frank Jones, Sydney; John Rimel, San Francisco; John Love, Regina; Evan Quick, Squash; Mike McHenry, Art; Barry Drinkle, Photography; Peter Lay, Soccer; Peter Morrison, Hockey; Yves Plante, Personnel Services Director; Linda Kellins, Golf; Jim Batten, Ottawa and Diana Duval, Winnipeg.

In the front row, from the left are:

Debbie Leblanc, Moncton; Jeannie Lindo, Toronto; Cory Smith, Los Angeles; Emy Mauro, Thunder Bay; Brenda McCasin, Edmonton; D'Arcy Little, Vice President, Personnel; Robbie Adaskes, New York; Rosemary Kelly, London (Eng.); Annie Villecrose, Paris; Janice Riccilo, Ski; Lucie Chabot-Gagnon, Softball and Sheila Snow-Cline, Vancouver. 

tmb 550 acra directors

Issue dated July 2015. (used with permission)

Donating History - Captain Robert Fleck donates his historic 1941 Tiger Moth to an Ontario museum.

The generosity of Robert Fleck will play a major part in aviation history thanks to his donation of a 1941 de Havilland Tiger Moth biplane to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope, Ontario.

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