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Gerald White, Director of the Pionairs at LHR sends this -

Ann McKellow posted the following on our Pionairs Facebook page.

There is a new Res system which is currently misquoting taxes/charges on AC travel passes. I noticed on a recent itinerary the air passenger duty was GBP178 instead of GBP72 out of LHR so took it up with ETS (Employee Travel Services).

Their reply was....

There are a few known issues with the taxes/charges where the quoted amount is much higher than it's supposed to be. The team is looking into it, but while pricing on ETS is now coming from Altea, the actual billing system will be calculating with the correct amounts as it was before the cut-over.
Fingers crossed! The system has also made duplicate charges which they were aware of.

Gerald White sends this follow up -

Since sending my email about Air Passenger Duty charging errors I've had several emails regarding this and other problems with Employee Travel from fellow Pionairs.

As with previous introductions of new computer systems by AC there are problems requiring fixing. Each fix is prioritized on a daily basis with the most urgent at the top of the list. As these problems only apply to Employees they may not have as high a priority as the problems involving Revenue Customers so may take a while to fix.

Keep checking the Employee Travel website on a regular basis for updates indicating the problems have been fixed.

Update for employees/retirees travelling to New Zealand and Australia.

Employees travelling out of Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia should be advised that they will be processed in a different way due to the following Border Agency rules:

  • If you are on positive space travel, your check-in will be the same as a commercial passenger through the Kiosks and Bag Drop.
  • If you are on space available travel and there are sufficient seats available, your check-in will be the same as a commercial passenger through the Kiosks and Bag Drop.
  • If you are on space available travel and there are insufficient seats available, you will be asked to return to the check-in area 60 minutes prior to departure time. You will be required to keep your check-in baggage until you are accepted for the flight.
  • If you are on tickets that entitle you to space available upgrades, initially you may be given an Economy class seat and if the upgrade is available it will be given at check-in or you may have to wait until you are at the boarding gate for final confirmation that either you have received the upgrade or it is not able to be actioned.

Check the Employee Travel site for more information.