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Nordair DC-8 Fleet

While watching this issue's Featured Video tribute to Nordair, I was surprised to see a DC-8 in Nordair livery.

I have always associated Nordair with B-737's. My first airplane ride  was on Nordair charter flights to the Bahamas in 1975. When I started with Air Canada in 1980, Nordair was still operating but I have never seen one of the DC-8's.

So I dove into Google searches and found the three aircraft listed below. From what I can tell, the aircraft were all used for charter services operating for other airlines.

Terry worked for Nordair after retiring from Air Canada and advises the following:

"During 1974-1980 Nordair subcontracted DC-8's for charter work.

In 1975 DC-8 charter service was expanded to Great Britian and some European cities.

In 1980 DC-8 service withdrawn due to high operational costs.

Also a Convair 990 was subcontracted.

(Source: Nordair "Expressions" magazine December 1986)

Note: The magazine I quoted was the final edition and it did not have any indication of what issue number it was."

I am interested to learn if any of our readers have personal experience with these aircraft.

Click the registration to view each aircraft's history at Planespotters.net

Nordair Registration Date Original Airline Date Dlvrd Final Airline Current Status
C-GNDA 21-Oct-1974 Trans International Airlines 16-Jun-1967 United Parcel Service Stored
C-GNDE 23-Aug-1978 Iberia 31-May-1961 Kalitta American Int'l Scrapped
C-GNDF 1-Apr-1979 Iberia 19-Jun-1961 International Aviation Services Group Broken up July 1990 at MIA