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Subscriber Roger Cyr has asked us to track down information regarding a band names 'The Velmars' who played at TCA road shows from 1959 to 1960. He recalls that the lead guitarist was named Roger Kovalyk. 

Does anyone have any memories to share on this topic?

tmb 550 omni 767

Subscriber Bill Jefferies submitted the following:

Hi Wayne, worked with you a little while in YVR. I was a Team Lead on the weekend crew with Aveos.

I’m wondering if you guys could do a story on Omni Air International. I think they’re filling in for the 737 MAX with Air Canada but would be nice to know the whole story.

Thanks, Bill

We looked into this and found a schedule at www.aircanada.com for flights that are being operated by OAI at least until April 30, 2020. Destinations are Hawaii and Phoenix.

Omni Air International, LLC. is a United States charter airline headquartered at Tulsa International Airport. It specializes in passenger charter flights, and Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance (ACMI) wet leasing. They currently show three Boeing 767 200ER aircraft wet-leased to Air Canada.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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