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 Air Transat A310 Fleet

I first wrote about the Airbus A310 in NetLetter #1338 on the topic of the five aircraft acquired by the Canadian Armed Forces from the Wardair fleet after the airline was acquired by Canadian Airlines. These aircraft are designated for military transport as well as VIP's such as the Prime Minister and Governor General.

As mentioned in this issue's Featured Video from Alex Praglowski Aviation, Air Transat was the last commercial airline to operate this fleet in Canada. With its last A310 flight on March 30, 2020, the Canadian Armed Forces are the only operator in North America. The aircraft are now designated as Airbus CC-150T Polaris (A310-304).

I decided to research the history and fate of the 14 aircraft operated by Air Transat. As you can see in the table below, 2 of them were among the original 12 delivered to Wardair in 1988. The majority are now stored (or scrapped) at Mirabel, however, 2 still show in active service with Mahan Airlines of Iran.



Reg. Fin # Dlvry Date Original Carrier Dlvry Date Rmvd from Service Current Status
C-GFAT 301 Dec-2000 Emirates Jan-1992 27-Dec-2019 Stored at YMX
C-GLAT 302 Mar-2001 Jul-1992 27-Dec-2019
C-GPAT 303 Mar-2001 Aug-1992 27-Mar-2020
C-GSAT 304 Aug-2001 Feb-1992 30-Mar-2020
C-FDAT 305 Apr-2002 Nove-1992 02-Nov-2016
C-GVAT 321 Dec-2003 Condor Nov-1988 15-Oct-2011
C-GTSI 342 Feb-2004 Lufthansa Nov-1991 1-Nov-2009 Active with Mahan Airlines (Iran)
C-GTSD 341 Apr-2004 Nov-1990 1-Dec-2010
C-GTSH 343 Apr-2004 Feb-1992 14-Jan-2020 Stored at YMX
C-GTSY 344 Nov-2004 Wardair Canada Mar-1988 26-Mar-2020
C-GTSF 345 May-2006 May-1988 17-Oct-2017
C-GTSX 346 Jan-2007 Lufthansa Jan-1990 5-Jul-2013 Scrapped at LDE
C-GTSK 347 Jan-2008 Tap - Air Portugal May-1990 29-Oct-2012 Stored at YMX
C-GTSW 348 Sep-2008 Aug-1988 6-Feb-2020