1987 - October 29 - Service between Vancouver and Bangkok, Thailand commenced.

tmb commercial airways timetable 1435Here we have a copy of the timetable issued by Commercial Airways Limited on November 27, 1929,

Commercial Airways Limited of Edmonton was one of several pioneering operators to bring air mail delivery to remote areas in the Northwest Territories.

On December 30, 1929, it delivered the first official air mail to reach Aklavik, Three aircraft were used in the project between Edmonton and Fort McMurray, and two, flown by W. R. “Wop” May and Glyn Roberts, completed the haul from McMurray to the various stopover points between McMurray and Aklavik, which consisted of thirteen altogether.

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tmb info canadian

Issue dated June 1987.

Three Beluga whales were shipped on a 3 1/2-hour B-737 combi  charter flight August 1, 1987 from Churchill, Manitoba. to New York.

They went to the U.S. National Aquarium in Baltimore, a distribution point for the whales, and they were accompanied by 12 handlers, vets, aquarium and a film crew. Five whales made a similar trip during 1985.

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